Hi everyone, in this blog I going to teach you exactly how to rank local website #rank 1 on Google search results in 2018.

So how do you rank in local SEO website to the #1 listing on Google organic over in this blog?

Why Local SEO?

  • Google is a #1 Search Engine
  • Buyer’s Intent
  • Easy Rankings
  • Everyone’s focus is on Facebook Advertising

So before we are getting into it lets talk about why you would want local SEO and Google really is the number one search engine when it comes to any type of internet search engine and people see Facebook as a social media platform but not really a search engine. But I want you to think about the second dot Buyer’s intent. So if am google something its really relevant that am actually looking to buy something or looking for reviews to put me to the next step.

The other reason why Google is very important its less competition and I know you guys are going to kind of challenge that, but you know local SEO has really changed the way you can get traffic to a website and locals way are not competitive with the ways am going to Show you and a lot of companies do it this way but I am going to show you right way to do it.

Local SEO is also easy rankings and going show you a couple of different things we did easy rankings for websites and able to generates tons of website traffic. Everybody’s focus on facebook advertisings and I love Facebook advertising but will talk about SEO because will talk about SEO on this because I personally believe that’s SEO will be more powerful than Facebook advertising and its used to come.

Many Reasons Why People are Doing Local SEO

  • It’s too hard
  • It’s too costly
  • There are two many ranking factors
  • It takes to long

A lot of people say they just can’t understand everything that’s is the one really big reason why it is not competitive to do local SEO people it’s too hard.

Make it very easy step I going to show you

Second is that cost too much: Well SEO does cost money its nothing compared to a cost per click basis like Facebook ads or Google Adwords. There are too many ranking factors Google recently announced that there thousands of ranking factors for search engine optimization that’s fine we are going to share a couple of them with you.

Last but not the least its takes too long: and this is really embers me when people tell that the reason why they are not doing SEO it because takes too long.

Because here the fact SEO is an investment any investment takes time there is no investment that has quick returns if there are it’s usually a scam. So traffic from Facebook or Google is it’s all relevant and its take time.

A couple of important SEO tools

All these tools are to make SEO easier for us.

  • Ahrefs.com
  • Spyfu.com
  • WordPress.org
  • Fiverr.com
  • Konker.io

Let’s talk about what actually makes a website ranks and that’s really important for you.

  • On page content /Optimization
  • Youtube Embed
  • Link velocity
  • Link quality
  • Domain URL

So look at the website that I currently manage well look all the on-page and off page look and see why its rank.

Open google and search for the keyword Office Cleaning Companies Toronto you noticed that’s my client website ranked #1 on Google.

Rank My Clients Website

And the website is on 3 places on google.

Step By Step SEO

And you can see the keywords are added in Meta description. That’s factors also help to improve local ranking for your client website. Check the website for all the factors we mentioned above like  On page content /Optimization.

If you are looking for an on-page optimization, so the first thing you noticed is that we have meta title the keyword is in a title and you notice that we reference the town multiple times and you must have good internal linking between website. Inner linking is very important because it flows the juice around the page.

Look the other things on the website like tile alt tags with exact match keywords.  Regarding website content, it must be relevant to the webpage and proper use of keywords.  And we also embed video related to office cleaning companies Toronto.

What is Local SEO

Then on the last thing I like to do for few measures is just map embedding on to the website.  How you can do this go to Google Maps search for the map and click on the embed map copy the code and past it where you want to show the embed map.

Clients Website #1 On Google

So that’s really covering it with On page optimization exact name URL link, exact name keywords and then we embedded youtube video and domain URL. Then we looked at the on-page optimization in terms of embed youtube, pictures and keywords.

So Google also list something very interesting and its called link velocity and link quality. Previously you are able to rank a website just by having links and Laterally google has changed that and another action looks at that link velocity and quality. And guys all that really means is that Google looking that at types of website pointing your page and how fast you are acquiring them.

Now lets move to the next interesting section which is called Market Research

  • Whose Ranking & For What
  • How Much Link Juice Do You Need to Beat Them
  • Are there Yelp Rankings Number 1
  • Are there Social Rankings Number 1
  • Competitor Age and Authority

And here we are looking for whose ranking and for what right. So, when you look at the map below shows you which links get clicked the most. So those of three links there on a top and get most clicks.

So we want to see those websites and see if we can reverse and generate that. We need to know how we can beat these websites and do absolutely what’s necessary to that.

So few are the things to know is either yelp listings, either social ranking number one because if there are that means that’s you can easily beat the market.

Just for example am going to show you that some keyword, so we just going do some quick keyword analysis and you can see (BELOW IMAGE) the keyword is “iPhone repair in Waterbury ct” and you noticed that yelp those yelps you can beat it easily as you can see that their two websites already yelp.

So now you know how to do market research and then come up with ON_PAGE optimization


  • URL Structure
  • H1 Tag
  • Content Between 500 to 1000 Words
  • Google Map Embed
  • Social Accounts
  • Inner Linking
  • Blog Articles
  • Meta Title and Description
  • Images Alt Tags

So when you creating a new page and you want to focus it on a URL structure. So let’s keep in mind that we have a focus keyword that we are going for. For example, our focus keyword is social media marketing that’s our focus keyword. So that’s the keyword we can optimize the page for so in your title you want to have this focus keyword in your title.

And the next thing needs to do is add your focus keyword in Heading tag and then write a web page content around 300 words. You also embed youtube video or media with your focus keyword and update image Alt tags. You need to do that with the bunch of content, bunch of videos you need to make a video and embedded in content part. Also, do the same things with google maps copy the embedded code and paste it on a web page where you want to show the map.

If you have enough links pointing through a website which will cover in few other sites you actually rank for this keyword relatively quickly.

The last thing you have to worry about is the permalink which is the title of your page.  Make your page title little related to your focus keyword. If that one is going for better be my title.

So that’s really it about ON_PAGE optimization. Things I recommend for on-page or Yoast SEO because Yoast will give you an inner look of your SEO, and give you some insights that are little help you fix all hidden errors.

So keep in mind that this is what I recommend if you doing SEO for the brand new website your first month.

Next, Come Over With Off Page Optimization

  • Google Citation
  • Social Signals
  • Web Search Traffic
  • Press Releases
  • Backlinking
  • 301 Redirects

So the first thing we are going to talk about google citation and these are like kind of local listings within Google to really verify your business is on visible location. Check out the great example below(Image) of your website with plenty of google citation. Its ranked number one in the local that means citations are on point. For better citation listings you need to have the following correct though all the viewer’s listings online “YOUR NAME”, “YOUR ADDRESS, “YOUR CONTACT NUMBER”, and your “YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS”.

Next come over with off page optimization

Those are the general ones I need to match, so this example my client number one for a bunch of keywords with “office cleaning companies Toronto” they ranking first because of their good citation.

Next step is to look web search traffic and what that means if somebody searching your website and they click your website but then they bounce quickly means they click and get off google start noticing the click patterns and actually rank this one about your listing.  Next one is one of my favourite strategies is called Press Release. It’s a king of off page optimization.

Let’s talk about backlinking, backlinking is basically it’s another website with a high authority domain and trust flow that is pointing to your website.  So this is a fast way to acquire links and is not really the best way to do it, but this is the good way to get really good traffic.

Buying links visit

  • Konker.io
  • Fiverr.com

So the last tool is going to explain called buzzsumo.com and this is the best way for SEO links because it is completely white hat you can get many links for your site and google cannot penalize the website.

So how does this let’s say you have a business that’s in the house painting what you can do here search the keyword in search box and take a look all of this content and you can actually bright content similar to it and send it to these types of websites.

Private Blog Network

I am going to explain to you what the purpose of this network. Post the quality content on different guest posting or private blogging high authority website to get backlinks for your website.

How Will Local SEO Make Me Money?

  • Rank and Rent
  • SEO Client Consulting
  • Start Your Own Business

The number way Local SEO makes me money is Rank and rent. What I mean by that is if you search the keyword  “dent repair leads” so the companies do dent repair and are looking for leads this is a great way of rank and rent.

Another great strategy to make money with SEO is to do SEO client consulting. In that’s really what I do and basically what I do is I go to this clients. Firstly find who is interested in SEO like search for Waterbury lawyers and I look at the firm that’s advertising on adwards I can probably realise that they care about SEO and what you want to do take the link and enter to the tool spyfu.com and just find out how much money spending per month on pay per click which is the little ad you see on a top called google PPC.

Spyfu show you monthly adwards budget and after analysis contact them for SEO and I promise you they will definitely start SEO with you.

So this is all I do client consulting this is all from my experience.

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