Just like any other social network, Instagram has its own rules of use to prevent spam and the misuse of automation techniques on its platform. We will list here the main limits not to exceed to stay below the radar, do not suspend his account and have all of his publications validated.

How Many Hashtags Can We Add Maximum to a Photo, Video or Comment?

Currently, Instagram limits to about 15 the number of hashtags you can add in the description of a photo or video as well as in a comment. Depending on the accounts, this limit may be higher with up to about 30 hashtags per publication and/or comment.

What Happens If You Exceed?

If you want to post a photo or video with more hashtags than allowed, Instagram can automatically delete your accompanying text at publication, which will greatly decrease its scope. It is therefore important to pay close attention to this limit.
When posting a comment with too many hashtags, Instagram will signal you with a red exclamation mark that it has not been published. You can then delete it, redo it and republish it.

How to Bypass The Limit of the Hashtags?

If the number of hashtags is currently limited by publication or comment, it is not on the entire publication. Thus, nothing prevents you from adding the most important hashtags in your publication then to comment on your own publication using the complementary hashtags that you absolutely want to integrate into your photo or video.

Here is an example photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIhRX6Bg8iO/?utm_source=ig_embed

If the number of hashtags to add is greater than 60 (which we do not recommend in any case), you might consider using another account to comment and add more hashtags, which would then allow you to remain a little more under the radar …

How Many Subscriptions Cab You Have to Maximum on Instagram?

The technique of bulk subscriptions, targeted or not, still works on Instagram to quickly increase its number of followers.

But here, if this technique can work, Instagram will not allow an account of:

  • Follow more than 7500 people maximum
  • Follow more than 160 people per hour

How to find this limit related to the number of subscriptions?

If this limit already allows following a number of Instagram accounts, growth hackers will not be hampered by this limitation … To circumvent this limit of a maximum number of subscriptions on Instagram, it is actually enough to use a tool like Crowd fire that allows you to quickly Unfollow (no longer track) accounts that do not follow you back.

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Of course, it will be necessary to allow a lapse of time before proceeding with this cleaning which will allow you to follow again other accounts to try to increase quickly your number of followers. It must be kept in mind, however, that you will not be able to unsubscribe to more than 160 accounts per hour, otherwise you risk the complete suspension of your account.

Instagram and The Maximum Number of “Loves”, Limits?

Instagram can block accounts that make more than 300 Likes per hour, so it is strongly advised to stay below this limit.

If liker account photos in an area very close to yours may have a real interest in attracting attention to your own Instagram account, then care should be taken to stay below this limit of 300 “I like it” per hour if you use an automation tool to do it.

It should also be borne in mind that this limit of the maximum number of Likes given can evolve at any time …

What Limits of Characters on Publications and Instagram Comments?

3 elements are affected by the character limits on Instagram: biography, publications (photos or videos) and comments:

The biography of an account cannot be more than 150 characters (hashtags included)
A publication, of any type, can not contain more than 2200 characters (hashtags included) Comments can display “[…]” in the feed if they are more than 240 characters but they have a very high maximum character limit hard to reach (more than 1000 characters)

What Limits For Frequency of Publication on Instagram?

Whether on the total number or the frequency of publications, Instagram currently has no limits (except perhaps if you publish several publications per minute, which would appear more than doubtful for the social network).

What to do if your account has been suspended for violations of limitations and conditions Instagram

At first, if you check your account with your phone number, know that Instagram will generally be more “lenient” with you.

If your account was actually suspended after a little too much automation techniques, do not hesitate to fill in the hacked account form. This will allow you to indirectly make Instagram understand that you are not behind these violations. Once you have completed this form, you should be able to recover access to your account quickly.

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