Choosing a good domain for website hosting is important. Today, there are a number of domain-hosting services available online, from which a person can purchase hosting for their website. There is a certain thing that needs to be taken care of before you finally decide upon a domain-hosting service.

Mostly, a person would choose either shared hosting or dedicated hosting. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages over the other. While shared hosting is cheap, it is less reliable whereas dedicated hosting is costly, but a lot more reliable.

List of most Reliable hosting services in India

It’s not necessary to buy a hosting company based out of India. You must think smartly in this case. Means, if your traffic is from India, then you should definitely buy a hosting company who has servers in India, but for international traffic, these are the most popular hosting companies.

Siteground Web Hosting

Siteground Web Hosting

One of the finest web hosting services that can offer you almost anything you would want. They offer a number of plans, which can be purchased according to the user’s requirements.

• User-Friendly Control Panel
• Service Quality – Top-Class
• Customer Support Channels: Phone, Chat & Support Tickets


• Siteground offers a great level of transparency in all their plans. There are no hidden costs involved, so the user can stay assured.
• Offers the best uptime among competitors.
• Features super cacher, which makes the site load fast as compared to others.
• A great customer support experience


Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

While there are certainly mixed reviews for inmotion on the internet, it stands above various other hosting companies due to the fact that it offers various additional features and benefits in the same price range.

• Not-So-User-Friendly Interface
• Service Quality – Better to Best
• Customer Support Channels: Phone, Chat, Email


• Great customer support experience on all channels.
• Uptime is decently good. In order to offer good speed, they do not allow overbooking of their shared server.
• Provides free data backup and restore option, free SSD Drives, and free restore option.
• Unlimited Disk space

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost Hosting

You will certainly see a lot of bloggers recommending Bluehost. It is the favorite of many bloggers. Reason? Well, it pays you $250 whenever a person purchases a hosting plan from your recommendation. It is cheap and reliable and can help you gain some extra bucks while you host a website from their services.

• Complex User Interface
• Service Quality – Decent
• Customer Support Channels: Phone, Chat


• Offers to host of unlimited resources. You can host an unlimited number of files and utilize unlimited bandwidth.
• Bluehost offers a web-based file manager if you do not wish to use an FTP client.
• Regular pricing is $3.95/month, but they often offer it for $2.95/month.

iPage Web Hosting

iPage is one of the oldest hosting companies, alongside dream host. They are the leaders of hosting services, with decent service and quality servers.

• The very complex user interface
• Service Quality – Moderate to Good
• Customer Support Channels: Phone, Chat, Email


• Hosting comes in at a cheap price of $1.99/month if purchase for 2 years or more. For a 12-month plan, you have to pay $3/month.
• Unlimited number of domains can be hosted on iPage hosting
• Customer support is pretty decent and is available on all major channels. Phone support is only for the US only though.

Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator is another great favorite for various blogger, due to the fact that they offer great incentives to bring in more people to their platform.

• Not-So-User-Friendly Interface
• Service Quality – Average to Good
• Customer Support Channels: Phone, Chat, Email


• Claimed to offer unlimited subdomains, unlimited domains, FTP accounts, unlimited database, and unlimited space.
• Consists of a great tutorial for website hosting, which can be pretty helpful for novice bloggers.


So, these are few of the best hosting companies you must explore before making your final choice. There are thousands of options in this field of web hosting and it is always difficult to choose.

Regarding pricing, I would say you must wait for 1 month as these companies will disclose their maximum discount offers during the upcoming Cyber Monday web hosting sale. Yes, this is the part of the year, when you must invest after hosting companies. You can’t imagine the deals you are going to get.

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