Why Should You Use Instagram?

  • Instagram in figures is:
  • 800 million active users.
  • 500 million visitors a day.
  • Everyday stories 300 million more than on Snap Chat
  • 100,000,000 post per day. 90% of users are under 35 years old.
  • 4.2 million Likes a day
  • More than 40 billion post pictures since the creation
  • 33% of global internet users are on Instagram

And the numbers are only changing year after year. In 2018, Instagram has forecast $ 5 billion in advertising revenue (source Omnicom media group)

Two Types of Instagram Accounts

You need a professional account rather than a personal account. Because there are more possibilities of analysis of the results than with an account of particular. In addition, with the professional account, you can put more professional information to be joined since Instagram.

So you can promote your page more easily. Especially if you join your account to a Facebook page.

With a pro account, you can not use the apps like hublaagram to have more subscribers because it is reserved for the particular account. Otherwise, you will have to go back to personal account each time to use hublaagram and then to put you in the professional account. So it’s too complicated and too long.

How to Optimize Your Profile?

  • Put a picture of good quality
  • Use Emoji
  • Be concise
  • Put his email
  • Add a small video to promote your account
  • Define the 3 or 4 main topics
  • Use the highlights to stand out

Use of Hashtags

On many social networks, Hashtags do not work as before. But on Instagram, it works very well just load a few posts. That is, put in 20 to 30 hashtags to boost your message. In addition, above 31 the message is “blocked”.

To make it easier, using hashtags lists 20 to 30 most popular hashtags in your niche. You can keep a watch by looking at the posts that are most successful.

Avoid reusing the same hashtags each time to avoid competing with your own posts. In addition, with other hashtags, you will have the opportunity to reach another audience. So you have to alternate with popular and non-popular hashtags to balance the whole thing. Also, comment on your competitors’ posts to appear in their accounts

Popular Generic Hashtags










In addition to hashtags do not hesitate to encourage people to follow you by adding “follow me or appreciate this post”.

To know that a hashtag more increases the commitment of 12.6%. So you really have to put as much as possible to the limit allowed.


Being Persistent

To create an account of more than 10,000 followers it is necessary to post between 10 to 15 times a day. With its own images and videos but also those of people in your niche who are well ranked. It is possible to resume their posts and repost them if possible by citing the provenance is better. For this, you have to download the application Re-post which allows to recover the photos and repost them.

To also force the engagement and to be noticed do not hesitate to comment on the posts with real remark long enough being the first one like this everyone who comes after will see your profile.

To prescribe it is the automation Instagram does not like auto-posting the only automation allow it is with Hoot-suite or Tailwind.

There are many others like captivate (fee), morfix, hublaagram etc but they are not so effective. It is possible to do without its applications that may make you “ban” Instagram.


From this number, you can have the option Swipe up which allows to sweep your profile upwards and to add links in your stories.

The goal is not to buy subscribers as I often see it. Your goal is to do it in an organic way so that there is a real commitment. With a real community, you will be able to take off your business and even become an authority and an influencer in your niche.

You can also use Link-tree to put links more easily in your bio and your posts.

Commitment Group

The goal of the group is to like, comment and share all your posts and of course, you must also do the same with the other members of the group. This will increase your hashtags and therefore your posts. And if the photos you like and they are in the Instagram tops posts it will attract followers on your account naturally.

These groups are not easy to find but sometimes you will be contacted to join his groups. So do not hesitate to join these groups even if you do not know people in this group. It will always be better than the follow & unfollow method that takes a lot of time.

The simplest is to subscribe to all who love your photos because they are already engaged.

To finish with the commitment do not hesitate to put words, colors and calls to action on your photos and your profile.


To do more business and make yourself known on Instagram you can use the help of influences. For that, it will be necessary to prepare a budget, rewards and set up a goal. you can then contact them in private message to explain your deal. Often they also have a YouTube channel. So if you can not reach them by Instagram you can try through their YouTube channel.

If it does not work you have the opportunity to go through a company for example Influence 4 brands that offer deals with influencers.


Instagram is a powerful tool for your marketing strategy. Despite being owned by Facebook, it is not as regulated as Facebook. It’s just the Facebook of a few years ago where Tess publications still had a bit of wear. Instagram is also very talkative because these are only pictures and short videos it is very easy to reach a lot of people quickly especially by working with influencers who have loyal followers. Instagram should be part of your strategy to make more sales. You just have to start and try. If you are really interested here is a training that should help you achieve your goals with Instagram – Instagram training.

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