First, let me tell you what business citation is. The business citation is simply mentioned of your business or website on different local directories. Most of the time, it will feature your business name, business address, phone number and may include a link to your website.

Business citations are important because they are used by search engines to help this site how to rank businesses in the local search results.

Also, search engines and Google most pacifically use business citation to verify the accuracy of your business. So it is important that where ever your business is mentioned your business details are always the same.

The Question is where Do You Get Business Citations From?

Well, there are many places where you can get a citation from. But the best and easiest starting place is from online business directories such as, Yelp, and ThomsonLocal etc.

Think of it as the modern version of the Yellowpages book you use to keep value full only now it’s online and the Yellowpages on the only source.

As a small business owner, you may have been harassed by some marketing agencies at some point. Promising to range your profile and increase to the visibility of your business in search engines in exchange for your monthly fee.

Guess what they do, they simply submit your business details to tons of directories every month and charge you for it.

What you must understand is that it is totally unnecessary. There are actually only about 20 to 30 directories that really matter depending on which country your business is located in.

Once you submitted your details to those you can focus on your marketing efforts.

So, what in agency come to hassle you for your business asks what they strategy is. Don’t be shy and let them give you as many details as possible. And if their strategy is only based on directory submissions tell them to show you find something good to say :).

The question you are now probably asking your self is what those directories are.

Remember I told I will provide everything you need, so you can find the list of directories below

Local Citation Sites List 2018

Sr.No Citation Sites DA Sites Niche
1 100 General
2 Apple Maps 100 General
3 Google My Business 100 General
4 98 General
5 94 General
6 94 General
7 94 General
8 89 General
9 89 General
10 85 General
11 83 General
12 83 General
13 82 General
14 75 General
15 72 General
16 71 General
17 71 General
18 69 General
19 67 General
20 67 General
21 66 General
22 66 General
23 64 General
24 63 General
25 62 General
26 56 General
27 56 General
28 56 General
29 54 General
30 54 General
31 53 General
32 53 General
33 52 General
34 52 General
35 49 General
36 49 General
37 48 General
38 47 General
39 47 General
40 47 General
41 47 General
42 46 General
43 46 General
44 45 General
45 45 General
46 44 General
47 44 General
48 41 General
49 41 General
50 41 General
51 39 General
52 44 General
53 43 General
54 43 General
55 43 General
56 42 General
57 42 General
58 42 General
59 42 General
60 42 General
61 41 General
62 40 General
63 40 General
64 39 General
65 39 General
66 84 General
67 70 General
68 62 General
69 59 General
70 58 General
71 43 General
72 41 General
73 39 General
74 39 General
75 39 General
76 37 General
77 19 General
78 24 General
79 31 General
80 31 General
81 32 General

Local Business Citation Rules and Guidelines

It is important you to keep track of which directories you have submitted your business details to with login details you have used to create an account.

Imagine if you changed your phone number or the address of your business what will happen. You have to revisit each one of those directories to update your business details. And if you do not remember in which directory you have listed your business you will end up with inaccurate listings across the web which could damage your ranking. This leads me to my last point

Accuracy and Consistency of your Business Citations

As you start building business citation you will find out that it can quickly get out of hands if you are not careful and there is a risk of making mistakes.

The best to avoid this is as I mentioned, to keep track of the details you have submitted in excel spreadsheet.  Although this manual process, it does work.

The other solution is to use another tool

Local Citations

Enter your business name and your postcode and click on check my business listing. If you created a Google my business profile you should see your business listed here as verified. Click on it, on the next screen you will able to see where your business is listed and if there is any inaccuracy, duplicate listing or if the listing is incomplete. It is the fair representation of how well you doing across the web.

I would recommend using a combination of both manual process and using the MOZ tool for optimum efficiency.

Now it’s up to you implement everything I have recommended and I promise you will see a difference in a matter of weeks.

As promised there is absolutely zero cost involved in anything I have advised. It only takes time and anybody can do it.

The final world this is only a tiny part of how you can best market your business online. But it will give you a solid foundation from which you can build upon.

Please let me know how you are getting on or if you have any question please ask in a comment section.

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