Today I am going to show you some kick ass SEO strategies. Look this is a white hat 100% guaranteed strategy that will allow you ethically list your Google My Business or your clients in any location, guaranteed.

How to Get Google My Business Location Anywhere

Want to list your local business in multiple locations. But it really does depend on your location.

So, why should list your business everywhere?  If you look at the Google heat map you notice that higher you get on the search engine the more red clicks you can get. And with Google my business having in the maps at the top now rather than the site with the seven pack etc.

How to get Google My Business location anywhere


You need to be in the Google maps. Now looks every phone call is completely free. So, everybody, they call your business from Google is completely free. You don’t pay for that. That’s not paid advertising that was freaking brilliant about the stuff. And your clients will love you for this idea. I had clients literally tell me that am the best person because of this strategy.

Google Calls Example

Now look would 192 phone calls change your client’s life. Here is a client of mine for one location. One location where you see 192 phone calls last month. It’s an online Cash and Carry store.

List Google My Business page on Multiple Locations

The biggest problem that marketers have is they don’t understand how to get more listings. They try to do this black hat SEO don’t work and get penalized. They try to do a bunch of other things like POBOX is that channel it doesn’t work. They list laces in people houses that never work because then people don’t want to go to a business that located at home.

But it can show you a strategy right now how to get more listings and more calls. This strategy is very simple right. So the strategy is very straightforward there are these places called co-working spaces.

Now in these co-working spaces, they offer desks, meetings, office rooms and they allow you the ability to get emails. So these places right here you can basically pay them monthly.


 What Co-working Hubs usually do?

Co-working hubs give you work from home or work from anywhere so you can work remotely. They have dedicated desks, dedicated phone lines. My favorite service they provide the ability to receive mail at these locations. We can now verify Google my business at these locations.

So you can list multiple businesses at this one location for that target city or town right.

How Much Co-working Locations Cost?

Well, it’s about 75$ per month and trust me your clients going to love this. And you can list your business, you can rank your business and you can start receiving calls from that area.

Next time you have a local SEO meetings ask your clients where they want to rank and go finding co-working hub and tell them that you can get them in the Google maps for that strategy with 75$ per month.

So why would a customer have a problem paying you? Regardless of the price, they will still from the SEO.

So the answer is yes. Yes, they pay you anything client’s love you reason being is because I can rank it on multiple places. And bring them justifiable returns on investment because of the SEO Strategies. In fact they loved the strategy so much they leave the review publically right. This is a client that’s I have.

If you want to impress your clients show them this strategy very simple anybody can do it. And it doesn’t cost many its 75$ bugs per month. I am considering getting one for my office and ranking it there so I can get more in a bound lease.

So I hope you guys enjoy very today’s short presentation.

And once again make sure you comment on the below.

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