The first digital banner was introduced in 1994 by AT&T. When banner ads were launched, just standard Ad formats was available. Later on,digital banner production emerges, which contain Audio, Video, animation & interactive video.

In the initial days, digital banner ad was available in many sizes, but thanks to (IAB), which combine the different banner sizes at a single platform.

Types of Digital Banners Ads:

Ad Format Sizes & Names

300 x 250 Medium Rectangular
728 x 90 Leader Board
160 x 600 Large Skyscraper
120 x 600 Skyscraper
300 x 600 Half Page
970 x 250 Billboard
320 x 50 Mobile Leader-board
970 x 90 Large Leader-board

Reason to Choose Banner Advertising:

Brand Awareness

It helps you increase your brand awareness.The user can easily recognize & recall your brand.

Lead Generation

You can generate lead generation through banner ads.

Steps for Digital Banner Designing:


You first set the objective of your campaign. What do you want to achieve from this campaign? What product you will choose for creative. Which publisher show your ad. How many times your ad will be shown. The clear goal will help you to design the batter campaign.

Target Audience

You have to set the target audience in the planning phase. The audience & target market will be chosen in this phase.

Creative Design

The dynamic creative designs are important, it help you build your brand awareness & help you increase your website traffic.


You can add call-to-action in the message.The banner ad is more interactive if you want to traffic to your website

Banner Ad Size

When you design the campaign, you have to make sure that banner size is defined. If banner size is not correct, its limit your campaign reach.

Quality Images

When you develop the campaign, images must use high quality. If the image is a blur, the user will not click on it

Brand Color

When you are creating a brand, it should follow the brand color guideline, so the user can easily identify your brand.

Overload Message

When you are designing the message for your banner, your message should be clear & conscience.

Benefits of Digital Banner Ad Production

Brand Interaction

Digital banner ad increases your brand interaction, the user can interact with the ad. Click on the images, video & Audio.

Brand Recall

Digital banner ads increase your brand recall value. The ads are very creative and innovate, which enhance the brand value.

Short Execution Time

The digital banner ad is created in a short time. You just develop your choice. The whole process will only take 48 to 72 hours from ad manufacture till execution process. Your campaign will go live in a short time as compared to other media.

Brand Awareness

Rich media ads are more engaging, friendly & memorable due to highly creative and dynamic ads. Its help increases your brand awareness.

Social Media Sharing

You can share digital ad banner on a different digital platform like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

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