If you are planning to start a small business, you must be aware of the importance and significance of graphic design to your company’s repute. Also, you must be aware of the high cost of graphic design services.

Now, since we are talking about small businesses, the initial capital remains the foremost consideration. And given the high costs of graphic design, you would certainly want to pull-out the best design at first go.

For most businesses, the first introduction to graphic design services is through logo designs. Business logos are an essential and important business element, with the potential to make or break the brand. You need to come up with a scintillating and unique design that instantly attracts the attention of viewers and persuade them to know more about the company.

Now, unfortunately, professional logo designers don’t come cheaply. A well-reputed and experienced logo design company in the USA can charge you anywhere between $1000 to tens of hundreds of dollars. Whereas, going with a not so recognized company comes with an inherent threat of sacrificing the aesthetics and purpose of the logo. However, if you do know some basics about designing, you can hire a freelance designer and work with him to come up with an intensive business logo. The benefit of going with a freelance designer is that it will cost you significantly lower than going with professional designing companies.

But, what are the important elements of a business logo?

Well, to be honest, there are various important elements and variables of a business logo, each with its own strengths and limitations. However, two of the most important elements that will set the tone for your small business logo includes Fonts and color scheme.

Below we will be looking at these two elements and how you can choose the best of these elements:

The Right Font:

Typography is an essential element of any business logo. For starter, it doesn’t just reflect your business name, rather it also highlights the business culture and character of your company. Large companies are much wary about the font selection for their logos and measure it with the return on investments. In fact, some companies even report hikes in sales and linked it with their font change. Now, there are hundreds and thousands of fonts available, and each one has its own strengths and limitations.

One of the most important consideration when choosing a business logo font is the readability aspect. The font of your choice must be clearly readable. Think Serif Fonts, which are regarded as classic fonts. Similarly Times New Roman, which is essentially linked with newspapers.


The Color Palette:

Fonts aren’t the only tricky element in logo designing, choosing the right color palate is yet another important and tricky task to handle. Just like fonts, colors bring much to your business logo, they essentially add value and soul to the brand. The choice of the color palette must be made strictly in-line with the business model. For instance, the red color scheme is mostly associated with boldness and excitement, whereas, the green palette is associated with peace and wealth. SO, make sure the color palette you choose represent your business model precisely.

About the Author

Taimoor Khan is a senior digital marketing professional with his core expertise focused on the multi-channel approach to digital marketing. He is currently associated with LeopardSol.com. – A Las Vegas-based business offering reliable SEM USA services.