Are you living in a home with a single family? If it is like that, then this is a good chance to make your own driveway according to your need and choice. It also means that only you are the person who is responsible for its maintenance.

Nowadays in this co-operative atmosphere, you cannot take the guarantee of the real estate world. There are many home improvement projects you would like to do every six months or maybe every year.

In the home improvement projects you need some renovations and decorations or maybe remodeling of your home. Have you ever think that you want to upgrade or resurface your driveway?

As everybody knows that a well-maintained driveway in front of the home can add the value to your property. When you take the decision to make the new driveway or to reconstruct it then you have a lot of choices.

At that time you have the options like what type of driveway you want to upgrade and which material you want to use.

Here in this guide, I will tell you about the different types of driveway, their advantages, and about their costs which are as follows:

Asphalt driveways:

Asphalt driveway are highly common and highly functional. The material for the asphalt pavement construction has very less cost than the stone and concrete. On the other hand, asphalt needs a lot of maintenance.

If you have heard then the professionals also tell that you have to maintain it yearly. The cost of the per square foot of the asphalt driveway is six dollar to eight dollars.

The lifespan of the driveway is mostly ten to fifteen years that also depend on the climate or weather conditions. If there is any crack, you can fill it with the asphalt material.

Advantages of asphalt driveway:

Long stability:

As you know that asphalt is the solid material then it can be stable for a long time. If you maintain it properly then without any worries you can safely walk on it.

Attractive look:

Constructing driveway with the asphalt material makes your homelook attractive. You can increase the value of your home by installing it properly. You can decorate its edges with the plants and some flowers.

Maintenance is very easy in winters:

In the rainy season or in the winters asphalt is very easy to maintain. Through the rain, there are many things that may come on your driveway but you can easily clean it with a wooden broom. If you get any crack on it then you can fill it with asphalt material.

Concrete driveways:

However, concrete and asphalt driveways have similar properties but concrete is more durable if you compare it with asphalt.

You can expect the lifespan of the concrete driveway more than asphalt that is thirty to forty years.

If you want to make your driveway with the concrete then you can hire the professionals as they have good experience for this work. 

Advantages of the concrete driveway:


The stability of the concrete driveway is more. Concrete is stable in walking and driving surface because it does not get prone to mud and slop.


If your concrete is rough then it has ample traction. If there is a sealed concrete then it does not hold in the weather, still, it is better than the stone.

Maintenance is low:

As I have told you that asphalt needs a lot of maintenance but in the concrete, you do not need to worry about the long maintenance.


In the concrete driveway, the maintenance will be low. You can simply clean it with water also.

Maintenance is easy in the winters:

You can easily maintain the concrete during thewinters. Its surface is smooth as it does not damage the driveway.

Aggregate driveways:

The aggregate driveways are the most durable and less cost-effective in all the driveways. There are many people who choose the aggregate driveway.

The most common thing of the aggregate driveway is that it drains the water properly. It has an attractive look, unique and non-skid resistance.

The useful lifespan of the aggregate driveway is indefinite with the periodic resurfacing and the maintenance is also low.

Advantages of the aggregate driveway:


In all the driveways it is the most common and more durable driveway. It can be installed with the asphalt, concrete, and stone.


It is more durable. You take the benefit of proper drainage with regular maintenance. It can last long for decades.

Maintenance will be low only:

This type of driveway needs low maintenance. Once all the material has been settled then all things required is periodic spreading and filling to reduce the rutting.

Paving stone driveways:

As you know that stone is the most expensive material in all the driveways. Basically, it gives the attractive look. Through stone, you can make any design and shape.

In the edges of the paving stone driveway, you can plant the small trees. In the center, of the driveway, you can put a water fountain. Its maintenance is also low and most durable.

Advantages of paving stone driveway:

Look attractive:

The driveway which is made of brick and stone obviously gives the attractive look. It also adds value to your home.


Especially in the winters and rainy season the paving stone driveway is very strong as compared to asphalt and concrete. Sometimes due to the rain, there is getting algae on the stones but it can be easily removed by brushing it.