If you want to embellish an area that is normally a bit bland, origami is a great way to do it. Using the ancient art of paper folding is a great way to bring some personalization and creativity to the places where you work or even in your home. All you need is a little time, paper and string and you’re ready to go. The best online home decorations origami is beautiful and very elegant. It takes colored paper and folding skills to make incredible flowers, stars and other types of origami items that can be used at a party. Many people say that they like origami because it makes them happy to create something by hand, and the fact that it is amazing that they can stay together without adhesives or fasteners to fix them.

Why use origami decoration

Origami is a hobby with multiple benefits. In addition to being a fun and creative hobby with many applications and rewards and a beautiful finished product to look at, origami can be a soothing, fun to do group activity or a great teaching tool. The benefits of origami are only limited by your imagination!

The best way to discover the benefits of origami is to do it yourself

Practicing origami also provides a boost of self-esteem. Successfully finishing an origami sculpture gives a sense of satisfaction and pride. The more complicated the origami, the greater the feeling! Using beautiful paper or creative supplies from around the house only reinforces that feeling. Feelings of accomplishment are great when one improves to origami or tackles more ambitious models. Origami is an excellent outlet for the imagination and doing things by hand gives a wonderful sense of pride.

How to choose the paper type

You can use almost any paper, especially when you start for the first time. Regular copy paper for some of the easiest items, the heavier paper that is used for wet folding, some paper for some of the more complicated designs or special origami paper of different sizes and colors. Even though you can use almost any type of paper, origami paper is usually the best because it is thinner than most papers but strong, and holds the crease very well. Choose the best home decoration items online

The different types / models existing.

Folding Golden Venture

A type of modular origami that uses triangle-shaped paper. It is also known as folding Chinese paper or 3D origami

Modular origami

Origami that uses several pieces of paper called units that are folded identically to do something.

Origami action

Origami models that can move.

Wet bending

A type of origami that when folding paper, the paper is wet to create soft curves.


A type of origami that you fold and cut.

Folding fabric

It’s origami with fabric instead of paper.

5 ideas for a design deco

Rethinking your decor is an art. The exercise may seem all the more difficult if you have trouble concentrating your desires and your ideas! Inspired by the latest trends can be a good starting point to create the design deco you’ve always dreamed of. Here are 5 ideas to get you started!

Design Idea: a painting and trendy hues

The painting is undoubtedly your best ally deco. Easy to apply and cover, it allows you to create unique ambiances in your rooms with a few brush strokes. For a design deco, repainting aging walls in modern shades is a good start. This year, the shades of blue and gray are among the most prominent colors: the ideal solution to deploy a Zen atmosphere in living rooms.

Lovers of nature and mineral decor will fall in love with Pantone’s hue of the year: Greenery Green. An energizing color will find its place as well in the very colorful vintage interiors as in a sober and Scandinavian deco.

Apart from the colors, the effects brought by the ever more efficient and sophisticated paintings, are not left out to infuse a touch of deco design to the interiors. Among the most fashionable effect paints, do not miss out on the must- have waxed or metallic- effect concrete effect paint, ideal for creating an “urban loft” atmosphere. For those who prefer the more “enveloping” appearance of mineral textures, consider sandblasted, iridescent or lime paints. The latter cleverly revisit ethnic or traditional aesthetics and combine with contemporary interiors as well.

Design Idea: wallpapers and ethnic accessories

For a long time perceived as the “corny” coating par excellence, the wallpaper knows a real return in grace these last years. A change of image due to some bold creators and the rise of vintage aesthetics. As a result, putting wallpaper in your home today can be synonymous with low-budget design deco. The big trend this year: tropical ethnic aesthetics and natural patterns of inspiration “Jungle”: Palm trees, banana leaves, parrots and flamingos….

A trend that is also daring on accessories easier to modulate: cushions, plaids, carpets, and frames take this aesthetic “tropical” without complex. To associate with bright and clear shades for a 100% travel decoration.

Design deco idea: crack for cement tiles

On walls, floors, inside the house or on the terrace, cement tiles are everywhere! This decorative decoration accessory has become a must in the house and has no equal to give a side that is both authentic and original. In credence to bring up to date a kitchen, or carpet on the floor of the living room … poses and decorative ideas are multiple.

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