When you are redecorating or redesigning your house, it is extremely important to ensure that everything is perfect. You wouldn’t want to find out that due to some poor decision you have to again fix certain things after all the work has been completed. Bathrooms are an important part of a house and everything about them needs to be right. Kitchens also have similar value. But these two are extremely different from each other, so you can’t choose the same thing for them. A faucet is something that is common between the two and your kitchen sink and the washbasin in your bathroom should not have the same kind of faucet.

There are a lot of sizes and styles of kitchen faucets available in the market. This makes it quite difficult for common people to choose the right ones for their kitchen. Nowadays you can even buy kitchen taps online which are of good quality and are reasonably priced. But when you buy a faucet online you don’t have anyone to help you or guide you. You are on your own and you have to make a good decision. So if you are planning to buy your kitchen faucet online, you should be well informed about the types of faucets available, so that you can make a wise decision.

Here is a list of faucets that you should consider:

Single-hole faucet

This is the most common type of kitchen faucet. It is extremely simple and it derives its name from the fact that your sink only requires one hole to install it. The temperature and pressure of the water is controlled by a handle mounted on top and the single sprout can be fixed with your choice of aerators.

PROS: these are simple and easy to use; only one hole is required for installation; they can be found in any store that sells faucets.
CONS: most of the features tend to be quite basic.


This faucet is also called the ‘two-handle’ or ‘two-hole’ faucet. This is because they have two separate handles for hot and cold water and require multiple holes for installation. This type of faucet is a good choice for families as the separate temperature controls will ensure that children don’t accidentally burn themselves.

PROS: you get separate control for hot water and cold water; the more elaborate design makes it nicer than the single-hole faucet.

CONS: multiple holes are required for installation.


This kind of faucet comes with detachable heads which you can pull closer to yourself while working with the help of a hose. They are quite versatile and are great for rinsing the sink, washing dishes and even getting the spray pressure to the hard-to-reach areas of pans and pots. They are also available in all types of materials, so you can choose whichever material that suits you best.

PROS: they are extremely flexible; quite useful for cooking, cleaning and washing up; they are found in a lot of styles.
CONS: the splash potential is quite high.

You can search online kitchen taps of these types and you will easily find them in a lot of stores.

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