We spent plenty of time cleaning our homes and office area. But unfortunately, we are failed to gain satisfaction. Why does it happen? It is very important to understand why we are not able to get satisfaction. The reason is that we are unable to reach the undefined places where the dirt and dust settles. Some examples are kitchen shelves, Carpet Underlays, Beneath Beds, etc.

Upper area cleaning is so easy but underneath cleaning is very very difficult it needs special expertise as well as specialized persons. Luckily GLPC has the best experienced team loaded with equipment’s able to clean your place like its new for you.

Dubai is one of the only region where only 10% people are native emeriti 90% are foreigners and obviously when foreigners stay there they need to buy or rent a house. Before shifting it is necessary to clean the place completely here we came to help you out we serve with high skills of deep cleaning process without damaging the outlook and interior of your house.

In sandy and moist weather of Dubai, the stack content of sand is drastically high that not only cause a dirty area but also the humidity resumes thousands of germs in it.

Need & scope of deep cleaning:

As described above the dust like sand can be able to penetrate in following places and need to be clean as per standards otherwise it may affect your resting place very differently:


Carpets are very common and normally used to beautify your home. But a major drawback of carpets are it is very difficult to clean them easily and it can able to absorb the dirt more than any other cloth. The pours and open vented hairs can hold the sand very much which can make it dirty. In specific cases if any food item drop on the surface of Carpet it can be absorbed and not be cleaned by any cloth rubbing technique. For the visual it is clean but the pours can hold its residue and later on it become fugacious which causes bad smell and invitation to insect. If the item contain enzyme it can also cause the intrusion of mycobacteria.

These all given situation can affect your life drastically. It can be cause stomach disease of children. Bad Smell, Insect intrusion and much more.


Dirty Walls:

Walls are one of the most touched part of your house. Touching again and again walls of your house become dirty. The oil of human body make a specific adhesive which can make your walls drastically dirty. Moreover the unreachable parts of your house such as roofs and top side of walls contain dust which can not only look dirty but the home of insects like Spiders and termites. In Dubai like area where sand and moisture is everywhere this problem escalates to very high level. For a normal house man or lady it is impossible to reach the heights and clean them. 

Electrical Equipment Cleaning:

The electrical equipment’s like Air Conditioners, Fans, Lights, Lamps etc. are very delicate but impacts very large on the overall outlook of your house. In the windy and sandy environment of Dubai, sand sticks everywhere and ruin your all house outlook mostly these things and far from range and not be able to reach easily. It needs special tools and techniques to be cleaned. Another reason to clean them specifically is the delicate user interface. They are technical devices and cleaning of them is difficult as well as dangerous. But cleaning them are necessary as it is the question of your prestige.

Washing of Your House:

Your whole house is washed completely stains and another residue also vanishes and your house will be smelled fresh. Washing is an integral part of a deep cleaning we wash your house with chemicals and antibacterial solution to make it free from germs. It saves your children from germs intake and gives you fresh breath.

Advantages of Deep Cleaning:


Dubai is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the world where everything is seems to be complete and beautified properly. In this completion your dirty house make you feel not good and embarrassed. This is not good for any one. It looks incomplete.


As describe above that the dirty houses are the best hatcheries of insects to protect them from the unpleasant insect it is advised to deep clean your walls. It stops the multiplication of pests in your house and made it secure.

Social Impact:

In Social circles, visiting one and others is core and very important. In Modern house hold kitty parties are very integral parts of Women. If the outlook of your house is not good it tends a bad impact on your kitty fellows. More over the beautification of house is deliberately translated to the good house hold of lady.

Some office colleagues are also supposed to gather for a party or even some time official discussions. So it is also supposed to post a bad impact on the fellows.


Live Young Live Free!!!
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