If asked to mention the home electronic appliances in your home, then without a doubt, you will mention the fridge in the very first instant. This is an example of the importance of this electronic appliance. But can a fridge work the same for ten years without maintenance service or repairs? You will be lucky in case of possession of a similar fridge. In normal instances, you need to give maintenance service to the fridge as per the instructions in the manufacturers’ manual. Or else, the fridge may have problems in performing to its potential. There are some occasions when the fridge will cycle too often, you may find a puddle of water in the ground and many more. Please note, that not all these problems require the service of a fridge repair technician. In this article, you get to know the common fridge problems and solutions.

 1. Does The Fridge Cycle Too Often?

Just mention the electronic appliance which runs 24 hours a day. Your children can also say it is the fridge. Now, if you hear noises from the fridge, then it is a sure sign that there is some problem. In a similar case, you need to check the electricity bill. Has it come high? Then the fridge is having a problem.


The main reason is that the fridge has been placed in a dusty environment. Or you have several pets which have resulted in debris and dirt all around the condenser coils.

How to Fix This common fridge Problem

First, turn off the switch. Next step, you need to access the condenser. This part, you can locate in the bottom. You can easily gain access to them in the back or front part of the fridge. Just check the coils. Do you find them dirty? In this case, make use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the build-up. Then you can replace the coils and switch on the fridge. It will work just fine.

2. Common Fridge Problem – Leaking Water

If you find water beneath the fridge, it is a sure sign of a problem. But this is a common problem. The leakage happens because of one or two reasons.


The main reason is the defrost drain has become blocked. Food particles, debris, dirt has blocked the drainage hose. The ice buildup has happened, and so the water has leaked out of the fridge and freezer.


You need to flush the drain with hot water. But the force has to be consistent. Please do not use sharp objects to clean the pipe. If the pipe gets damaged, then it will call for unnecessary expenses. There are chances you can remove the debris that has occurred in the check valve right at the drain hose.

Pull the fridge out from the wall. You need to pull the fridge right from the wall. Check on the internet for the location of the defrost hose. You can then easily find it in the back part of the fridge. It will have a valve made of rubber, for regulation of humid conditions. But the disadvantage it can also catch debris. You need to clean the part with soap, hot water. Then the valve needs to be reinstalled.

Common fridge problem – so if there is a puddle of water beneath the fridge, the reason is frozen water supply line.

3. Common Fridge Problem: Ice build-up in Freezer

Did you just go through the freezer in the fridge? Did it resemble the continent, Antarctica? Then please get to know the cause and solution for this common fridge problem.


Do you have children in the family? Then there are chances that they are leaving the freezer door open. In this situation, the humidity level can increase in the insides of the freezer. The result – build-up of frost and ice.

Fixing the Problem

The simple fix is that the freezer door is kept open for a longer period of time. So, in case the fridge door does not close on their own, then this may be the main reason for the frost build-up. Just check on the manufacturer’s manual on how to make the door close on their own. You may have to make changes in the two front pedestal feet. There are also chances, that the defrost timer has malfunctioned, and you need to service of a fridge repair technician to do the job.

So, how do you call a fridge repair technician? Let us take a case study for example. You are in Pune, and the fridge needs maintenance service and the defrost timer is under repair. Now, since the warranty period is gone, you need to secure the services of a technician skilled in fridge repair in Pune. The best and easy method is to download the bro4u app and search for the relevant service. Book the best technician near your home and make him come to the desired location as per the convenient time. You can solve the common fridge problem with ease by this method.


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