how many of us know what the difference in LCD and LED TV is? And have we ever tried to find out the actual meaning behind? Mostly not, as it is not in our nature to get inside the technical part of any electrical product while making a purchase unless we ourselves are technically sound. In fact, HD (High-Definition) TVs and HDTV 4K are becoming very popular these days for their assurance of providing better quality picture than the standard definition displays.

Let us get a better picture of the LCD and LED TV displays:

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):

LCDs are the first model in the series of flat TVs. The flat panel displays of LCDs allow lights to be passed or blocked. LCD displays does not produce own light instead done by additional lighting. LCD and LCD HDTV are available in wide range of sizes and viewing angles. The sizes can be purchased as per the room size and affordability of the buyers.

LED (Light Emitting Diode):

LED displays are semiconductor devices that produce light from electricity. Often LEDs are used to backlight LCD displays, leading to clearer picture quality.

The main difference that is expected between LCD and LED is LED displays give better and clearer picture than the LCD displays. Picture quality is much better in reality and there is no question about denying this fact. Besides, you can find LED televisions comparatively thinner (as thin as 0.3 inches) than LCD TVs. This results in making LED TVs much costlier than the LCD TVS. They also look sleek and stylish.

Here we have learnt the basic difference between LCD and LED, which are also the most looked for features for the consumers while purchasing. This can help you make the right decision while buying a television. You can also find out about LED HDTV and HDTV 4K categories, which provides more clarity in picture quality. When you go buying for television, the showroom managers will help you understand the differences in a much better way if you really have interest in knowing it.

How can you care of a Television?

If you have a product, you will also need to take care of it. And if you are located in Delhi NCR then no worries as the city and its adjacent places have good number of TV repair solution providers. Whether looking for LED TV repair in Ghaziabad or LED TV repair in Delhi, the local markets and even the company services centres can help you get a good service. The entire national capital regions have no dearth of service providers in this field.

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