What is the Best Age for Knee Replacement Surgery?


Whether you are the right candidate for the total knee replacement surgery or not, it does not depend on your age but your health condition. The disability, the pain and the injury decide if you must undergo knee replacement surgery or not. 

To start with the treatment, the doctor evaluates the patient. After the complete analysis, test results and knowing the severity of your knee disorder. The doctor recommends you to consult with an orthopaedics. 

Most of the patients diagnosed with severe arthritis and other knee diseases choose for Knee Replacement Surgery in India because of 99 % success rates.

If you are also planning for knee replacement, read the write-up below to know the essential information about the surgery.

Things to Consider Before Knee Replacement Surgery:

Knee Arthroscopy or Total Knee Replacement has an enormous impact on your life after the surgery throughout your life. Though it helps you to regain your mobility, but cannot function like an original knee.

  • Surgery should never be your first choice. Opt for non-surgical methods before the surgery. Your doctors will recommend several exercises, drugs and therapies; follow it regularly. If it does not show significant results, then you can plan to undergo knee arthroscopy.
  • Doctors consider knee replacement for patients between the age of 50-80 years. If you are under the age of 40, try to avoid undergoing knee surgery until it is the case of severe injury or fracture.
  • Knee Replacement before the age of 40 may not give you a satisfactory result, and you may have to undergo surgery once again. The second surgery can be more complicated than the first one and may demand more attention. Even the recovery period for the second surgery is higher than the first surgery.
  • When you plan for the surgery, it is essential that you consider the cost of operation too. The Knee Replacement Cost in India is way less than any other developed country of the world.
  • In India, the orthopaedics surgeons are well-qualified and possess years of experience. If you want to get your surgery accomplished surgery, make sure you opt for top hospital and best surgeon.
  • Medication and therapies after the surgery have equal importance to that of operation. Without proper care in the rehabilitation centre, you cannot get the expected results out of the treatment.
  • After the surgery, it is essential to maintain the balance between the physical activities and rest. Sitting on a place after the operation can lead to worsening of your condition, and you may not regain the desired mobility. So take advice from your doctor and follow all the instructions properly. After the knee replacement, you can get back to your walking and regular physical activities.


Just like you follow the instructions of your healthcare expert on what to do to recover faster, take proper note of the list that is restricted. Do not exercise immediately, and the doctor may also stop you from sitting on the floor.  Do not stand for long, consider weight loss if you are the person with extra pounds on your body. All these precautions can help you with longer lifespan even if you undergo surgery at an early age.

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