The side effects of general anesthesia


Anesthesia is quite a common term used these days. This is because, in case you are having some sort of surgery, in all probability, you will have to get some sort of anesthesia in order to prevent all sorts of pain. Though due to the technological advancements, anesthesia is considered to be quite a safe procedure, however, there are certain side effects that may be caused during and after the procedure. In most cases these side effects are considered to be temporary and minor, however, there are certain serious side effects that should be taken care off in advance.

If you are interested to know in details about the common side effects of anesthesia, you can go through the points mentioned below:

Vomiting and Nausea:

These are the most common side effects of anesthesia and there are good medicines available that will help you to treat these side effects. There are also anesthesia specialty billing services available in hospitals.

Sore throat

There is a breathing tube put inside the throat that may result in a temporary discomfort. This gets cured within a few days.

Dental Injury

This is another quite common side effect of anesthesia. It has been observed that during anesthesia teeth grinding occurs. At the time of insertion of the tube, there is also some kind of dental trauma that might take place. Anesthesia billing is done by the administrative department of the health care institute.


A temporary phase of disorientation is quite common, however this continues for a longer period of time for the elderly people.

Muscle aches

This is also quite a common side effect of anesthesia. However, there are certain medicines that are used to relax the muscles. This is due to the insertion of the tube that results in soreness.

Chills and shivering ( Hypothermia)

This is the most common side effect that occurs in most patients after they regain their consciousness after the medical procedure. This is mostly related to the temperature of the body.


This is another very common side effect of the narcotics, which is a type of medication for pain and is often used in general anesthesia.

At times anesthesia can also cause certain serious complications and in order to understand these points better, you can go through the discussion below:

Malignant Hyperthermia

There are certain people who have the most dangerous reaction after anesthesia. This happens at the time of surgery and causes muscle contractions as well as fever. In case you or any of your family members have experienced malignant hypothermia or heat stroke before, it is important to let the anesthesiologist know about it.


Postoperative delirium or cognitive dysfunction

There are certain cases where memory loss and confusion after coming back to senses, nay last for a few days. This results in certain learning issues and long time memory concerns for the patients. This is a condition that is more common in elderly people and people suffering from heart diseases. This more common for people who have suffered a stroke in the past or are suffering from Alzheimer or Parkinson’s diseases. Make sure that you let your doctors know about all these.

If you tell your doctor about the medical history of the patient, then chances of the serious complications are much less.

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