Most of the individuals do
have a debate with themselves when it comes to 200-hour yoga training
regardless of whether they are interested in teaching or not. This should not
be something to beat you about because not only is it a one of a kind
experience to get to know what yoga is all about but also be in a position to
enjoy its benefits first hand. In order to achieve this objective very well one
has not only chose a high-quality program but also realize that the whole
adventure is hard to experience under an hour.

The solid foundation of yoga
is one of the primary elements whether one is in for the whole idea of teaching
or not. Here are some of the seven very important factors to consider when
undergoing a 200-hour yoga teaching training.

1. Asana Practice that is safe and up to date

The whole idea about Yoga is
bound by an individual’s safety this is the only way one will be able to get
the whole benefits of Yoga. Having said that, you will realize that this has to
be taken very seriously because of the recent alarming incidence of yoga

The secret of yoga especially
when one is a student is on focusing on the strength rather than going deeper into
flexibility that in the end does not create the much-needed balance. That is
the fundamental baseline for any yoga teaching training, that which
concentrates on safe alignment, balancing sequencing and most important of all
is reducing the stress that is frequent.

On top of it all, a near
perfect yoga teacher training should not only be in a position to guide the
students towards personal practice about your body but also lead to a place of
deep knowledge.

2. Yoga Anatomy

This is also very essential
as far as Yoga is concerned. As earlier mentioned a good 200-hour yoga teacher
training should be able to help one become very active in their asana practice
and this can only be achieved when you get to know how and when you come into a
particular asana shape that will most definitely affect your anatomy.

The whole anatomy is not only
learning about your skeletal and muscular structure but also their function
both in your life and training. It is vital because you will not only learn
about the anatomy but also be in a position to interpret particular postures
that are risky and protect them as well.

3. Philosophy and History

Truth be told, it is not a
child’s play to get the whole philosophical concept of the practice. That is
why it is important to begin by looking and knowing the foundational texts of
yoga. Some of the reading that can already be found in our 200-hour yoga teaching
training here are The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Pradipika, Hatha Yoga just to
mention but a few. India is one of the old country practicing Yoga and
neighboring country Nepal has been following this practice since long time. So,
you can find the best 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal and India.

There are about eight limbs
of Yoga, which also include the already mentioned asana and meditation, you
will be in a good position to learn where some of these practices originated

4. Hand on Adjustments

It is very important to offer
a safe manual adjustment to the students and this can be achieved by examining
the safe alignment. Which has not been so easy to achieve and that is why there
is an option of stabilizing adjustment. The traditional methods of laying our
bodies over that of the students in order to get them to go deeper should be a
thing of the past as far as 200-hour yoga teacher training is concerned.

5. Engaging the community

The community should be well
educated in matters yoga, and that is why the teacher training is very key
because there is no other special bond that is far more important than spending
time with others. The facts that one gets the much-needed support as well as
learning from one another make the whole experience of yoga much more

6. Confidence

There is a very huge
percentage of individuals who are not sure of what they are doing and whether they
are doing it the right way. This should not be the case when one is into yoga
practice. That is what a high-quality yoga teaches is supposed to curb and be
in a position to help a student build confidence not only in their own practice
but also equip you with right tools of yoga so that you can help others out
there who are in need.

7. Life Skills

There is no individual who is living a stressful life that is because it is the common norm with our society at the moment. It is very ironic that nearly ninety percent of us find it very difficult to deal with the daily pressures and demand that is always pilled on us by our society or personal lives. The way you always suffer from these pressure and how you react to them should be able to be identified by a good yoga teacher training and at the same time be in a position to give you the required skills and tools on how to handle such scenario when they occur.

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