Drink fenugreek and seed tea

Two or three cups daily and will help provide you relief from the irritated nasal passages and sinus. The blocked nasal passage is the symptom of sinus. For the chronic problem of fever and sinus, fenugreek tea helps in preventing from the infection. The upper respiratory system can be healed by drinking fenugreek seed tea.

Eat more of garlic and ginger

Ginger is anatural ingredient that that has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps in reducing the symptom of hay fever. Garlic is an antibioticand the combination of these two will assist in providing relief from sinus congestion.

Eat local honey and beeswax or fresh honeycomb

You will get honey from a local beekeeper and consume it on a daily basis. To avoid the hay allergy start taking honey one month before the onset of the season when hay fever is most likely to happen. Take a piece of honeycomb and have it twice daily. Consuming it will help in decreasing the body’s sensitivity to pollen.

Modify your diet

Hay fever is born due to the air-borne pollens. Melons, zucchinis,andcucumbers are the most common kind of allergen. If you eliminate certain kind of foods from your diet, then it can help in treating the problem of hay fever. Grass pollens are another kind of common contributor to the wheat product. Even tomatoes and carrots can help in reducing the severity of the grass pollen related hay fever.

Avoid the swimming pools as there they have chlorine inside of them

Chlorine or any other kind of chemical substances can aggravate the problem of hay fever. If you even want to get rid of the problem hay fever, then take a bath in a tub that has salt in it.

Try nasal irrigation

Take a bowl of water, boil it and then add some salt to it. After this inhale the salty solution and rinse your nasal passage get a cleanse with it. This will help you by reducing your symptom of hay fever. You can also use a neti pot. Pour the warm saline solution into your nostrils, repeat this twice daily. You can even use nasal saline sprays to do the same.

Minimize the accumulation of the molds

Molds generally take birth in the places which are too humid. It can be there in kitchens,bathrooms and that can create air-borne spores. When these spores are released into the air, it causes irritation.

You need to get rid of all the things that can accumulate molds in them or else it will spread in the air and create the problem to you. Also,proper ventilation is also required to get rid of all the problem of molds.

Maintain a dust-free environment

Dust mites have a huge contribution in hay fever problem,and so you must keep your house neat and tidy and make your environment totally dust free. If you are a chronic suffered, then refrain yourself from keeping dirty carpets around yourself or anything that can accumulatea lot of dirt and dust. Even the blankets, bookshelves. Storerooms can trigger all these problems.

Symptoms of allergy

  • Coughing
  • Too much sneezing
  • Block nose
  • Blocked nasal passages
  • Watery Eyes
  • Red eyes

If you are witnessing any of these symptoms then you need to consult your doctor immediately.Herbal remedies for hay fever can help you a lot in solving all your problems.

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