Traveling with your little baby, it needs more planning and more preparation through the trip may be long distance or short distance. You always keep in mind about your babies’ health; it’s known that babies do not like to eat healthy food, so you should cook different and tasty foods for your baby.

Babies love to eat spicy and delicious foods, unhealthy or junk food also their favorite food, mothers should notice on their babies daily diet chat. They should keep away their babies from unhealthy and junk foods. Healthy travel food for babies is very essential and during your trip, you can easily carry your babies’ foods. 

Some Healthy food for babies during traveling:

Here are some healthy travel foods for babies that keep your baby fit and healthy. Your baby can enjoy the moments during the trip:


You can try oat meal when your baby grows up 6 months older and it is high on calcium, fiber and protein. Oatmeal is healthy and very tasty, babies love to having it. To prepare this you need boil water or boil milk and then mix oatmeal powder into the boil milk or water. To get more nutrition and taste, you can apply mashed fruits in it. Lastly you should cool it and then   packed it for the trip.

Boiled vegetables:

Vegetables are very health well food and perfect food for your babies. Vegetables like carrots, beans, cabbages etc, boiling them and make them very soften that your baby can able to eat it. You should use a pressure cooker to boil vegetables. Vegetables help to grow digestion power of your baby.

Fruits juice:

You can try various types of fruits during your trip with your baby. Fruits are delicious and health well for your babies health. In travel time out food or fast food can cause bad health for your baby, so just ignore those foods and make different and tasty healthy fruits juice for baby. Such fruits juice like mango juice, orange juice, apples juice, coconut water, banana juice, jackfruits juice, grapes juice, berries juice, cherries juice, strawberry juice, etc are very good for your babies’ health. You also can mashed fruits by mixing in it milk and feed your baby.

Baby Food:

Baby foods are easy to make and take little time while you are traveling. Baby food is a great example of taste and nutrition. This food is used for six months old child and it is very necessary for the proper growth of your babies. So, when you traveling you should carry flax, boil milk or water and baby food powder.   



Milk is the perfect and complete options for your baby when you travel. Milk contains high protein and nutrients. Mothers can depend on breastfeeding the baby if travelling in a private car, but it can be very difficult when it comes in public places. Mothers can use powder milk with boil water in the meal time and for some older babies you can use cow’s milk.


Hotchpotch or khichdi is healthy and tasty food and very easy to make it and carry it when you travel. It is better and traditional traveling foods in India. The mixed vegetables make khichdi very delicious and it is very nutritious. You can follow the easy steps to make it and should use a pressure cooker to make it soft so that the baby can eat it.

Cooked Eggs:

Cooked eggs contain calories and boosted immune system and it helps to grow your babies ‘brain.  During travelling you should carry hard boil eggs for your baby.


Yogurt is very essential and super food, it is very rich in nutrients. Kids love and enjoy to having it and they also love its delicious flavor and it is very light for our stomach. You can pack it and easily carry it when you travelling.

Wheat carrot cakes:

Wheat carrots cake is a healthy and very tasty cake; child loves this cake for its delicious and sweet taste. It carries huge nutrients and flavor. You can make it at home before travel and it is too easy to make. You can prepare it by mixing wheat flour, carrots, almonds, kishmish, walnuts, ground mixed spices, baking soda, sunflower oil, semi- skimmed milk etc.


While you shopping for traveling purpose, then you should choose cereal that contains nutrients and it is very good for your babies’ health. You can use cereals for your above one year old baby and it is ideal food that can easily carry when you travelling. To get more taste or flavor you can add dry fruits in it.

Managing babies is not difficult to work, if you take proper care of your babies. Travel food for babies should be more healthy and tasty so that a baby eats those foods with their loves. During the trip, feeding your child is not hard work, if you follow those foods tips.