Getting your kids into the world of Yoga


Introducing your kids to the world of yoga is the best thing you can do for a better future, a healthy lifestyle and an active mind and body for life. Yoga is one ancient technique that has not lost its relevance and importance even in modern times. Yoga is as powerful as it used to be when it was confined to a few people in the prehistoric times. The benefits of yoga can be reaped by anyone from a kid to a person who has reached the zenith of his life. This is one lifestyle if introduced early on in life will provide the required mental and physical strength needed to meet life challenges with ease. Yoga poses are easy to follow and master, to perform them effectively you first need to enroll your kids in yoga sessions like kids yoga Glendale. With time and practice, one can reap the rich benefits of yoga for a lifetime.

Kids Yoga is, however, a different story since kids are full of energy. Kids have a different psyche than adults and introducing them to Yoga needs a very different perspective as compared to adults. You can’t peach the benefits of Yoga to a kid and expect him to start practicing it. In case you are a Yoga instructor and have started teaching Yoga to kids you need to have an entirely different approach for them. If you are a parent and want your kids to be practicing Yoga you need to take up Yoga yourself first rather than asking them to practice it.

Don’t teach them Yoga

Kids are not keen listeners however they are keen followers. As a parent, if you yourself are practicing Yoga in front of them they are going to take a cue from you and start practicing it themselves. However, if you start teaching them consciously without practicing it yourself they are going to take it as a burden or task on themselves. The choice rests with you! You can make burden your kid with another activity or just make him or she follow what you intend to introduce in his or her life.

Make it a fun activity rather than striking and holding poses

Yoga is a mixture of poses and breathing techniques that need to be practiced regularly. Yoga might require silence and serenity, for some people Yoga might even require a particular setting and equipment (mats). For a kid routine is boring. If you ask a kid to do the same poses everyday without making it interesting he or she might lose interest quickly. The best option is to mix Yoga with activities that your kids like.

Hold their attention span by introducing activities they like

Your kid might like counting or might like reciting one of his rhymes or might even like to pose as an animal and scare you in his playful mood. While introducing him to the realm of yoga you can make him count while he holds a pose for some time. You can even ask him to recite his favorite rhyme or think that he is a certain animal and he needs to keep his pose of that animal for some time so that you are scared. Increase your kid’s attention span by introducing something new every day so that he gets interested in yoga and the activities that come along with it.

Let them Experiment

Kids Yoga does not have very hard and fast rules. If your kid is not able to hold a pose in a certain position for a very long and would like to do it the other way round don’t dissuade him however just keep an eye that he does not hurt himself or does not have any adverse effect on his body. Kids tend to experiment a lot and they have a lot of ideas that might seem silly to you however to make them interested in yoga you need to give them a patient hearing and let them implement and experiment and participate in their ideas. Once you stop your kid from experimenting he will lose his creativity and out of the box thinking ability which is very crucial for his cognitive abilities.

Reward them for their efforts

Kids love rewards. For that matter, everyone loves to be rewarded. However, the effect of keeping a reward for a kid in case he finishes some activity is manifold as compared to an adult. Kids Yoga can be connected with rewards in many ways. Ask your kid to hold a certain pose for a certain amount of time and keep a small reward probably a candy so that he is motivated enough to hold his position in that pose. Keep a bigger reward if he practices yoga for a certain period of time – week or month continuously. This will help you to develop a unique lifestyle for your kid; after a certain period of time, your kid will be used to the practice of Yoga and will need no rewards to practice it in his daily life.

A group activity can promote Kids Yoga

Places like kids yoga Pasadena have unique and separate classes for kids. It is a known fact that when in the company of their own age group tend to be more interested in doing a certain activity as compared to the company of elders. You might be a Yoga master however your own kid won’t perform according to your expectations unless he is exposed to the company of same age kids. Motivation and a sense of belongingness along with a sense of competition exist among same age kids and they try to meet or outreach the activities of their peers. Therefore even if one of the kids in a group is interested and doing yoga the right way all the other kids in the group will surely follow his lead.

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Terry Barnes is a yoga instructor and holds kids yoga classes in North Hollywood. She believes that a healthy soul lives in a healthy body and hence motivates others to stay healthy and active. She loves to write her thoughts on fitness, yoga as well as meditation. In her free time, she loves to explore nature and enjoy its silence.

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