Hair Lice or nits are tiny insects even called parasites. These small insects can spread with personal contact and sharing belongings. Children are more prone to catch and spread lice. There are 3types of lice and they come from the same parasite family but are different species.

  1. The most common type is the head lice which can be found on the scalp, neck, and ears
  2. The second type is of body lice that start growing on clothes or beds and then move to people’s skin
  3. A very rare type is of pubic lice which are also known as crabs. These crabs can be found on pubic hair and skin.

Symptoms of lice

The most common symptoms of lice are itching which is caused due to lice bites as when the lice bites then their bites can lead to an allergic reaction that gives the itchy feeling to a person.  This feeling of itchiness does not start immediately as after 5-6 weeks of getting lice person may feel itchiness in the affected area like in scalp, body or in case of crabs person may feel itching in the pubic area.

Apart from itchiness person may feel the following symptoms of having lice

  • The tickling feeling when lice move on head, hair or body
  • Sores due to scratching itches
  • Irritation
  • Disturbed sleeping
  • Red bumps on the affected area
  • The appearance of lice eggs or nits   that usually appear on hair shafts and even are very difficult to brush out

Hair lice and hair loss

As discussed above most common type of lice is the hair lice as the children or even adults can get lice on their hair due to contract or bond sharing with the person having lice.

After having the nits or lice, people remain worried that these nits can lead to hair loss. Is there concern right? Can actually lice lead to hair loss?

Well, the answer is no means the lice or nits cannot be the cause of permanent loss of hair as due to scratching some hair may get the break but overall it cannot be put in the list of causes for loss of hair.

Some facts about hair lice

Following are some pointers that may help you to get a clear answer to your question about the relation of hair loss and lice

  1. Hair lice do not target people with poor hygiene and dirty hair as it is the common myth among people.
  2. There is not any danger or getting lice from family dog as they can pass from human to human.
  3. Itchy scalp is the common symptoms of lice or nits that can be the reason for hair fall but not severe and permanent.
  4. As the nits nibble the scalp so can become the reason for allergic reaction due to which person can have itchy scalp and rashes on the back of the neck due to droppings of insects. As a natural response to itchiness person scratch the scalp that can be the problem for your hair as the constant scratching can damage the hair shafts due to which shafts become brittle and cause breakage of follicles
  5. Apart from this due to hair lice your hair may appear frizzy and snapping can make your hair look thin that can become the cause of hair fall
  6. Even to remove the nits or lice people use various shampoos, oils, and conditioners  so their excessive usage may be the cause for hair damage
  7. Doing comb with narrow teeth combs to brush out the nits can also be the cause for breakage


Head lice or nits can be a problem for your scalp or body but these are not the root cause for hair loss.  As we have discussed that there can be some reasons for hair shedding that are related to nits or lice but there is not any direct connection of head lice or hair fall.

Thus there is need to use some ways to prevent the head lice to get escape from the further hair problems caused by them and even if you had a hair transplant then also head lice problem may occur and may bother you with symptoms like itchiness of scalp.

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