Hair transplant is the effective surgical procedure in which dermatological surgeon moves loss resistant hair from the denser area to the bald areas of the scalp. In this procedure, hair follicles are selected on the basis of their best loss resistant properties and then are extracted usually from the back or side of the head.

This entire procedure is performed under the local anesthesia so the person can have painless surgery performed for the hair restoration.  This surgical way of getting hair back is quite safe and effective as after the surgery patient can have naturally growing hair for permanent basis, however, the success of this surgery depends on various factors so let us discuss in more detail about the effectiveness and complications of this procedure.

The effectiveness of hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a quite popular method of getting hair back as this surgical way not only gives natural looking hair back to the patient but can also improve the appearance and self-confidence of the patient. If we talk about the effectiveness of this procedure then it depends on various factors as follows


This surgical hair restoration method is suitable for all men and women suffering due to hair shedding but the ideal candidates can get safe, natural and permanent results of the procedure. So the candidates with best overall health and having the stable baldness issue are considered as the ideal candidates and even the availability of loss resistant donor follicles are also considered while selecting the good candidate for surgery. For candidacy scalp laxity is also considered as the person with great laxity can have better results.

Selected surgeon and center for hair transplant

Your selection for the surgeon and center for the hair transplantation surgery may also put a great impact on this after surgery results as only the efficient, experienced and the best surgeon can diagnose your hair loss problem in a better way and accordingly can recommend you for the surgery. Even the artistic skills of the surgeon may help him to give you the natural looking hair after surgery as state of art technique of the doctor may help him to give the patient scar free extraction and transplantation of follicles in an exact direction and at exact distance same as the existing hair so that new hair can grow with natural appearance.

Even the skills of a doctor may help him in designing the perfect and suitable hairline for the patients of receding hairline. Thus , the doctor’s skill may contribute a lot to the success of the surgery. Similarly, if your choice of the center from which you are taking surgery, is also right then you could get the best surgeon who could give you the best treatment by utilizing the best and latest techniques to improve the after results.

The commitment of a patient for after surgical care

Aftercare of your new transplanted hair may also contribute in improving the effectiveness of the procedure as if the patient would follow all the instructions given by the surgeon for the care of your new transplanted hair then he could save his hair from any damage and even can have faster growth of hair.

Potential side effects of hair transplant

Hair transplantation is the safe stitches free, scar-free and painless method of getting the natural looking hair that grow for a lifetime but like other surgeries, there are also some potential risks as follows, however, all of these can be minimized up to zero

  • Mild bleeding and pain
  • Infection in the treated area
  • Swelling in the treated area
  • Formation of crusts
  • Bruising around eyes
  • Shock loss due to which patient may have a temporary loss of hair


Although there are some risks associated with hair transplant procedure still it is an effective and safe method to get your hair back as it is the only method in which person could have naturally growing hair that is indistinguishable even for the hair stylist. Even after the final results of the surgery patient can color or style his or her hair like the other existing hair, so it is a very effective way to restore your crown glory back with improved appearance, confidence, and self-esteem.