A toothache is never easy to bear. You can’t live through pain for hours and you need some remedy. We, the people, have always relied on home remedies before consulting the doctor or dentist. And there is no change in this attitude when it comes to a toothache. We instantly go for home remedies handed down to use for generations. We believe these at-home natural ways to relieve the pain and in most cases, the results are what we expect. So, we stick to natural ways to cure a toothache and this is why home remedies are that much popular among us.

Here are ways to know whether home remedies for toothache work –

Not all toothache home remedies are helpful

Clove oil, salt water treatment, peppermint, garlic, hydrogen peroxide rinse are some of most used home remedies for a toothache. They are used by people across regions and they are in use for generations. One thing about them is certain – they relieve pain to some extent and that’s why they are so much popular. However, none of them are scientifically proven to relieve pain in every type of dental issue.

You won’t find a home remedy that can ease the pain in the long run. Or, you can’t rely on them to shoo away the pain in every situation arising out of dental issues. Some of them numb the area, bring down the pain to some extent but then you can’t always be sure about them. And yes, they are effective only when the pain is mild in nature. They won’t help when the pain is serious or intense.

Home Remedies

Most of toothache home remedies are fit for mild pain only

Clove is a powerful home remedy option to lessen pain because it has a natural anesthetic called eugenol. It can numb the area that gets it contacts. Peppermint does have the same effects so used for relieving pain. With salt water treatment, you can clean the infected area, loose debris stuck between teeth and get relief. While garlic can relieve pain for its anti-bacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide does help by cleansing the infected area.

All the home remedies mentioned are in frequent use across regions and they are worth the trust. But then, people know these home remedies have certain limitations and they know their range is only for mild pain. These remedies won’t help when the pain is severely arising out of dental infections etc.

Toothache home remedies are no match for a dental visit

Relying on toothache home remedies even when you’re not sure what has caused the pain can harm you a lot. A toothache can be caused due to cavities, periodontitis, tooth enamel erosion, pulp inflammation, fractured tooth, tooth infection etc. And unless you consult the best dentist in Hyderabad, you can’t be sure about the exact reason behind the pain. You will thus wrongly rely on a treatment that is not fit for your requirements.

With home remedies, you are not always sure whether they would work and if yes, to what extent. That’s why don’t trust home remedies for a toothache beyond a point else you might aggravate your dental issue unknowingly. So, it’s always better to consult the dentist and get proper treatment rather than relying on remedies that are not always sure of results. After all, dentists are there for help in every type of case and pain, are not they?

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