Detailed Study Of Keto Scalp Shampoo


Keto scalp shampoo is one of the best known shampoos used in treatment of fungus infection in scalp. The best usage of the shampoo is in the treatment of condition like dandruff.  These shampoos can be purchased either by doctor prescription or over the counter.

Uses of keto scalp shampoo

The basic use of keto scalp shampoo is for treatment of dandruff.  The dandruff can either be due to dry scalp or overgrowth of yeast fungus that is present on skin. This keto scalp shampoo helps in treatment of dandruff by reducing the fungus.

Proper usage of shampoo is important

The proper usage of this shampoo is very important to get the best results. So it should be remembered to use it as advised by the doctor. Too much or too less usage of the shampoo can result in problem. It should also not be used too often. Also it should be remembered to use it for the time period asked by the doctor. If the instructions are not followed properly then many side effects can occur.

Moreover the shampoo is meant for scalp, so the contact with eyes, mouth, nose etc should be avoided. It can be used in form of gel, foam or shampoo.


The dosage of shampoo will differ from person to person. The doctors are the best one to guide you in such case. Doctors advice should be followed to get best results. Moreover the dose should not change without consulting the doctor.

Is there any risk involved?

Before using the keto scalp shampoo one should be aware of the side effects associated with the shampoo. The most common among them is irritation in the skin. This irritation can be in form of pimple or bump.  The side effect can vary from person to person. Oiliness, dryness, abnormal hair or discoloration is some of the side effects. In rare cases hair loss is also seen.

Is there any allergic reaction?

It is very rare that there will be any allergic reaction. Incase if there is any allergic reaction, doctor should be consulted immediately.  Signs of allergic reaction which require medical attention are itching, swelling on face, tongue and breathing difficulty.

Things to remember

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid using this shampoo.  A pregnant woman before using the medicine should consult doctor. OTC version of this shampoo should be avoided in any case.  The keto scalp shampoo is also not safe for children. Children below age of 12 years should consult paediatrician before using the shampoo.

keto scalp anti dandruff shampoo is considered to be the best shampoo for treatment of fungal infection if used as directed by the doctor. The results of shampoo are visible in around four week after starting the shampoo.  If there is no improvement in the condition then doctor should be consulted. It is not necessary that keto scalp shampoo will work on every scalp. Keep the doors open for other alternatives if not satisfied with the results.

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