Lean muscle is a term which holds the most important for bodybuilders and physical trainers. Lean muscle basically refers to all the muscle content which is present in the body. However, it does not include any kind of ‘’fat’’. This term is vital because in order to know the value of the basal metabolic rate of the body, one needs to know the lean muscle value and without it, the BMR cannot be calculated.

So to sum it up, lean muscle is all about muscle and nowhere near fat. People who desire a lean body are the ones who basically need very less fat content and high content of muscle.


Now gaining lean muscle is not a very easy thing to do. It requires a lot of hard work, and there have to be changes in the eating habits as well as the workout habits of a person which are obviously tougher. Therefore, only the most passionate people are able to be successful in gaining the lean muscle. Where there are many factors which influence it, there are numerous which lessen the chances of gaining lean muscle as well. Some of the things that you might be doing wrong without the realization has been given below.

1- Avoid going for heavy loads – always:

Now many people have this misconception that the heavier loads that they pick and lift, however, this is just a misleading fact. If you are new to working out and do not have a habit of doing it, then going for heavy loads will not help you build up your stamina rather one must keep switching between lighter and heavier. Numerous studies and researches have concluded that 12 rep is known to influence muscle growth more than any other.

2- Supplements and protein bars:

supplement and protein bars might serve as a cherry on the top, but still, these are processed. Numerous famous weight lifters prefer one to take the naturally unprocessed food instead of going for supplements and protein bars. On the other hand, this misconception has gained immense importance that these help with muscle gain. Yes, they do, but they can even prove to be dangerous.

3- Not eating before workouts:

The most motivated and newly determined people tend to follow a very strict diet along with heavy workout. Numerous even fast before exercising. However, eating instantly before one goes for a workout is highly dangerous but not eating anything and fasting is very dangerous too. One might end up getting sick. Therefore, this must be avoided plus lean muscle is not gained in this way.

4- Having a low patience level:

Now, this is human nature. Once they start working on something, they expect to see instant results. When it comes to gaining lean muscle, the process might take a lot of time. Therefore, expecting to see the instant results might just make one very demotivated and it has been proven, that many guys quit at the point where they are about to see the results.

5- Not taking care of the water routine:

Treat water like a very important medicine which you have to consume in a fixed quantity and need to take in to the body. Dehydration especially when one is in the process of gaining lean muscle can be highly dangerous for the health. It might end up with numerous illnesses. One must keep a check and balance of the amount of water that they drink.

6- Not taking the supplements i.e. skipping supplements:

The good and genuine supplements must be the first priority of every bodybuilder. Once you go for one, be sure to consume it in an adequate amount and on time. Taking a supplement in excess might prove to be harmful to the health, however, not only that but skipping the supplements can also be dangerous. Amino acids being the building blocks of proteins, must be consumed in order to build up muscle.

7- Not warming up:

Now when you are about to engage the body in a heavy workout, warming up is very essential. Warming up is the preparatory phase which signals your body of what is coming. Warming up is known to increase the stamina. Numerous people do not warm up before they go for an exercise which can be a stop in gaining the lean muscle. Therefore, at least 10-15 minutes warm up is very important.

8- Not adjusting the sleep schedule:

Now once you have made up the plan that you have to gain lean muscle no matter what, then one very important factor is your sleep schedule and sleep cycle. You must change your routine. If you have a job early in the morning, then try sleeping earlier but fix the amount of hours that you need to sleep and try sticking to it.

9- Spending most of the time doing cardio:

Cardio is very important if your aim is to lose weight. When it comes to gain the lean muscle, yes, cardio is somewhat important but spending a lot of time doing cardio will not build up muscle rather it will decrease the content in the body of a person. Therefore, ask your physical trainer of how much time you must spend doing cardio and do not do more than it because if you burn calories in a greater excess than you are getting them, it might lessen the muscle.

10- Repeating the same exercises:

This might be surprising to some, but repeating the same exercises each day can decrease the chances of one gaining lean muscle. This is simply because the body gets used to it. Moreover, this can even cause injuries.


Now, you can easily know the amount of lean muscle which is present in your body. This can be done through this very simple to use a calculator. Now all this calculator asks from you is how much you weigh and the percentage body mass that you have in your body. Once you provide both the information, you can get to know how much lean muscle is present in your body. You can even choose the unit in which you can put the weight in the calculator. The basic interface is provided below.

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