There are many patients who are scared of seeing an orthopaedic surgeon because the name surgeon itself is scary for most people. Most people fear that visiting a surgeon means they will suggest surgery of any underlying issue, but that’s not true. Others think that the surgeon will advise you not to return to your favourite sport or adventure activity.

However, instead of forming these opinions, you should instead visit the orthopaedic surgeons gold coast for getting your injury examined. Here’s a look at some tips that will help you in preparing for the visit to the orthopaedic surgeon:

Find an orthopedic which specializes in your type of issue

In recent years, the sub-specializations have increased. Though there is general orthopedics as well yet it is always recommended to see an orthopedic that specializes in your type of issue. There are orthopedics that specializes in joint replacement, trauma, sports medicine, hand surgery, paediatrics, and spine to name a few. It is better to visit an orthopedic that has expertise and experience in your type of issue as they will be able to offer a better solution.

Bring reports of the previous surgeon if you have consulted any

It is essential to bring along the report of any previous physician, health care provider or orthopedic hand surgeon if you have consulted them as it will give the orthopedic doctor a fair idea of your reports and condition. He will also get an idea of the all the treatments you have undergone earlier. The reports are also helpful when you visit an orthopedic doctor for the second opinion.

Take the copy of MRIs and X-Rays taken previously

Apart from your reports and medical history, never forget to take along the X-Rays, and MRIs performed earlier. You can also take the CD provided by the previous clinic which will be of great help to your present orthopaedic as it will help him in diagnosing the underlying issue and deciding the line of treatment. Also, it would prevent him from asking you to go through the tests again.

Fill the medical forms

When you visit a doctor for the first time, they would probably ask you to fill a medical form which asks about your general health information along with medical history. It may take some time in filling the form but try to be as honest and genuine as possible. It will also help in letting the orthopaedic hand surgeon know the information which you may forget to mention otherwise. You can also ask the receptionist to mail you a copy of the medical forms so that you can fill them at home and save time during your visit to the clinic.

Make a list of questions

It is obvious for any of us to have a lot of queries and questions in our mind when visiting the orthopaedic. It is better to make a list of questions so that you don’t forget to ask anything during the appointment. You can ask as many questions as you want till the time you are convinced with the diagnosis and treatment.

Keeping these points in mind will help in having a comfortable appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon gold coast.

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