The constant question ringing in the minds of diabetic patients is how to control diabetes! You try medicines of every kind, yet in the end, diabetes becomes a lifelong companion for many. But, what if you go with the natural methods of diabetes control! Not only are they effective but they come with zero side effects. A good exercise regime and a good diet plan for diabetes play a major role in this lifestyle. Natural methods that prevent high blood sugar are a path to long and better living.

Regular Exercise

There is a strong and undeniable link between diabetes and exercise when it comes to healthy living. The one best preventive measure is exercise, for diabetes. With regular exercise, you can ensure that your body doesn’t put on weight. One step farther from obesity is one more step closer to good health, especially with diabetic conditions. Workout your heart and body every day for at least half an hour so you can leave the constant worry about sugar levels behind you.


A healthy diet, for diabetic patients, can be extremely helpful in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. These days, diabetic diet recipes are available in plenty on the internet. While these are good, it is important that you include lots of fruits, high-fiber foods, and spices. These food items have been found to increase the insulin productivity of cells, improve cellulose mechanism in a body and combat the resulting diabetic weight loss. Additional supplements such as cinnamon extracts and apple cider vinegar can provide the body with increased amounts of insulin. For the complete success of a diabetic diet, you should control the carbohydrate intake and choose foods with a low glycemic index.

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Regular Sleep Time and Sufficient Sleep

Fix an hour for your sleep and waking and stick to the schedule regularly. This gives your body a definite period of time every day to properly digest and absorb food as well as sort the waste to be thrown out. Sleep also activates the cells and provides the energy to function better, thus making you healthier. For a diabetic patient, a regular sleep-wake cycle is as important as medicine.

Drink lots of Water

Drinking lots of water ensure that all the excess sugars in the body get thrown out in the fluidic waste form through urine or sweat. This helps in controlling blood sugar levels to a great extent.

Monitor Blood Sugar Levels Regularly

Buy yourself a glucometer and monitor your blood sugar levels every day. This helps you to better cope with the high diabetic conditions. This ensures that the blood sugar level never spikes unexpectedly. These days, useful diabetes management apps are available on smartphones which helps you tabulate the readings from day to day and thus handle the condition better.

So, follow these ways for a healthy and happy diabetic life.

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