Say hello to the exciting heat of Summer! And,
if you are thinking where to spend the best of your summer months, now is the
right time to decide for UAE. It really is one of the best destinations in the
Middle Eastthat is known for exhilarating coastline and constant sunshine that welcomes
tourists from all parts of the world. Even if the temperature crosses 40° Celsius, it is still irresistibly amazing to go out there and enjoy the
summer heat amidst some amazing attractions.

So, if you’re urged to spend your next summer
vacations in UAE, here are some quick hacks that will surely save your day.

Keep Yourself Filled With Water

The scorching summer heat is indeed tempting in
UAE but one of its perils is being dehydrated. Take note that prolonged exposure
to the sun can suck offall the moisture in your body.It may lead to issues like
vomiting, heat stroke, diarrhea, etc. For normal days, taking 8-10 glasses of
water a day is highly recommended and you should definitely increase the supply
during summer. As you enjoy the heat out there, it is important to carry a
bottle of wateralong and take plenty of it while walking, driving or during any
activity that you may perform. Try mixing flavours like mints, lemon or
cucumber with plain water to make the drink a bit more exciting. Another
alternative is taking fresh juices like lemonade.

Protect Your Skin

Skin is the part of your body that is exposed
to sunlight the most. It is very important to protect your skin, especially the
face, while outside by applying sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 30 rating.
People with sensitive skin will not feel comfortable with UAE’s temperature,
the reason why sunscreen lotion becomes the best solution. It is also advised
not to expose children to direct sunlight in peak times.

Clothing Matters

You should also choose your clothing wisely on
your summer trip to UAE. Wearing crepe or polyester fabric can cause excessive
sweating that may result in rashes. Common symptoms of poor clothing include
bad odour, constant fast breathing, excessive sweating and damp hair. To avoid
feeling embarrassed, choose light coloured cotton clothes. Cotton absorbs sweat
in the body and allows it to evaporate faster.

Also make sure that you dress comfortably while
going outside. Wearing loose clothes with a cool fabric is acceptable while avoiding
slim fit and tight clothing. Another no, no is wearing dark coloured clothes–
particularly black. Never think of wearing boots, instead choose flip-flops or
sandals. If you are going out during peak hours, consider wearing clothes with
brim and always set aside extra clothes in case you need to change. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

One of the best ways to enjoy summer without compromising your health is making sure that you have a nutritious diet. Choose foods which can help hydrate the body. Also, avoid taking heavy diets as they slow down the digestion process. Among the most nutritious foods for the summer are green vegetables, melons, coconut water, cucumber, lime water or lemonade, mint, curd and iced tea or fresh juices. You can have a look on these fine dining options in Dubai to have a healthy diet.

Nothing Beats the Wonder of Fresh Air

When it is scorching hot, we tend to seek
refuge in air-conditioned rooms. Everywhere we go, we feel comfortable with air
conditioned units. Bear in mind that staying in places with AC all the time is
not healthy. It can lead to various health issues such as vomiting and nausea,
hair loss, bladder irritation, tiredness, etc. Completely getting rid of AC,
especially during the summer, may sound ridiculous. Once in a while, it is
still important to get out and inhale some fresh air. You can spare some time for
visiting the park at night and breathe in the cool breeze.

These simple hacks are surely going to improve the quality of your trip to UAE. It’ll be one great experience for sure.

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