Being the only Vegetarian Melbourne amongst all your friends can be really annoying at times, but you can always make it more interesting by telling your friends some amazing facts about being Vegetarian. You never know after knowing these amazing facts about Vegetarian Melbourne even they become one of you making it less awkward for you.

A large number of Vegetarians

In your friend’s circle you may be the only one who is vegetarian but you may find the huge number of people around the world who have opted for a vegetarian lifestyle. According to statistics, around 350 million people in India are vegetarians. Not only in India but in western countries the percentage of vegetarians varies from 10 to 15% of the total population. So don’t feel left out, there are many others in the world who prefer to be vegetarians.

Vegetarians have enough protein

Often vegetarians are asked how they fulfil the requirement of protein in their body. For all such people who are actually very concerned about lack of protein amongst vegetarians, they really need not worry as there are many vegetarian dishes that have enough of nutritional value in terms of protein and other important nutrients. Items like nuts, tofu, cheese, lentil, peas, and spinach fulfil all the nutritional value required by the human body.

Lower risk of heart disease

This amazing fact about vegetarians Melbourne may transform the preference of many people. Be it because of religious or ethical reason but vegetarians are less likely to develop any heart disease. Not only it reduces the chances of heart disease but it also eliminates the risk of high blood pressure, inconsistent sugar level and a certain level of cancer. Also, obesity is less likely to affect vegetarians as compared to those who love to eat meat.

Vegetarians are healthy

People often have this misconception that for a healthy lifestyle one needs to have meat in their diet, but this is not true rather vegetarians lead a healthy and nourished lifestyle. They have got all the nutrients in the vegetables and fruits that they consume. Therefore, it is irrelevant to worry about those who are vegetarians.

Vegetarians do not eat fish or egg

People often ask Vegetarian Melbourne whether they can eat egg or fish. They hate being asked such questions; those who opt vegetarian lifestyle do not eat fish or egg. They are strictly against eating animals whether they belong to land or sea. Some people keep fish as the vegetarian option during dinners but it becomes a problem for vegetarians. So everyone must keep in mind that being vegetarian means not eating any type of animal.

Next time when you meet your friends and feel left out, just let them know about these amazing facts about vegetarians Melbourne. As a bonus let them know that famous celebrities like Kate Winslet, Sarah Silverman, Bryan May, Ricky Martin and many others have opted for a vegetarian lifestyle. In fact, gradually many celebrities are opting for Vegan lifestyle leave aside being vegetarian.

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