No matter whether you are a student, or have just started the job, there comes a time when you fall short of finances especially during month end. At such point of time, you seek various options to save money on everything and anything you do.

The frequent trip to restaurants or frequent Indian food delivery Toronto, exhaust most of the money and to curb down the expense on food is the most challenging task.

Here are some quick tips that can help you to save a lot of money you exhaust every month on getting Indian food delivery Toronto:

Promo codes:

Don’t order food in haste, these days there are so many food applications and to stay in the competition, most of these sites offer promo codes through which you can avail heavy discounts on food to be delivered at your home. You can also avail the benefit of happy hours where discounts are huge and don’t put any pressure on your pocket. To know about these promo codes you can always subscribe newsletters or promotional messages of these leading food applications.

Avoid tipping online:

If you are a student we recommend to avoid tipping at all because you are also getting a handful of money to spend the entire month. However, if you are earning and still wish to tip then make sure to do it personally rather than tipping online. Online tips can be as expensive as 10 to 20 percent which can actually burn a hole in your pocket.


Through online portals, you get an option to compare prices of different restaurants and food outlets. However, don’t only compare the prices but also compare the quantity being delivered. At times you get lured by low prices but don’t pay attention to the quantity being delivered.


If you seek Indian food delivery Toronto regularly, then we recommend to take yearly membership of any of the portals. Through these memberships, you can avail several deals and can take benefit of additional discounts exclusively for members. Membership may cost you something but the benefits associated with the same are way more than the price paid for the annual membership.

These tips can help you to save a lot of money not only at month end but during the entire month. By giving these tips we emphasize eating more by spending less. These are possibly the great and smart ways to live like a boss with even less of the money.

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