Gluten-free is the latest buzzword in the food
industry. Some are allergic to gluten while others prefer not to eat gluten
products because of certain health issues. Either way, gluten-free food is
quite popular these days and one food item making waves is gluten-free pasta sauce.
It is versatile and can be used as a dressing, making it an amazing way to add
extra flavour to almost anything. While it makes an amazing stand-alone dip,
here is a list of some of its uses so you can try out at home.

Spice Up Your Regular

Needless to say, pasta is incomplete without
pasta sauce. Gluten-free pasta sauce is a healthy alternative as it contains a
delicious taste but without the gluten. All you need to do is to cook the sauce
and then simply add in the cooked pasta and stir. Whether you like the penne or
spaghetti variety, pasta sauce can be used with every kind of pasta. As for the
sauce, there are many options available in a range of different tastes and
flavours. There are many different flavours such as garlic, tomato and chilli,
basil and tomato, chilli, capsicum and olives, and many more. It all depends on
the retailer you are purchasing from. Make sure that your retailer not only has
a good variety but also sources from locally grown ingredients to ensure a
high-quality product.

Apt Dressing for Salad

Pasta sauce can also be turned into vinaigrette
and used as a dressing, and gluten-free pasta sauce is a healthy salad dressing
to start with. Just add a generous amount to your favourite pasta sauce, add a
little red wine and balsamic vinegar, chives and oil and your sumptuous salad
is ready to eat.

Sumptuous Seasonings for Every Occasion

multi-purpose benefits of gluten-free pasta sauce are that it can be added to a
vast number of different dishes. In the event that you cook a dish and find the
taste little flat, simply add in a little bit of pasta sauce to instantly add a
dash of flavour. Pasta sauce derives its flavours from its Italian roots,
giving it a unique taste and perhaps this is the very reason for its world-wide
popularity. With the gluten-free version, the taste is not sacrificed for the
health benefits. It is simple to use and gives amazing and delicious results.

Pasta sauce
is a very versatile sauce that can be added to a number of different dishes for
a tasty result. Whether it is for a salad dressing, a sauce for a pasta dish or
just simply used as a dip when guests are over, pasta sauce should always be in
everyone’s kitchen pantry.

There are many online retailers that sell gluten-free pasta sauce, so have a look next time you are searching online and take advantage of this delicious and versatile sauce.

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