5 Reasons you need to try Jamaican food


Have you ever tried Jamaican food? Maybe you’ve seen popular Jamaican recipes on food blogs or in recipe books, or perhaps you’ve heard of popular Jamaican dishes but have been too hesitant to take that final step towards heading to a Jamaican restaurant near me to try out the food for yourself. Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: you need to try Jamaican food! Let’s take a closer look at the 5 reasons you need to head to the nearest Jamaican restaurant to give classical Jamaican dishes a try. You won’t regret it—and your taste buds will definitely thank you for giving them this new experience.

It can be healthy and delicious

Contrary to popular belief, Jamaican food can be both very healthy—and very delicious! Like many island-style foods, Jamaican food tends to utilize fresh ingredients rather than processed foods which are high in added salts, sugars and fats. By contrast, traditional Jamaican food relies on cooking fresh meats, sautéing vegetables and fruits, and otherwise cooking food that is generally much healthier for you than other Friday night options like pizza or BBQ wings. Best of all, Jamaican food is incredibly delicious!

It opens you up to entirely new worlds of flavor

If you have been hesitant about trying Jamaican food because you’re worried about spices or flavor, don’t be! Jamaican food will open you up to trying entirely new worlds of flavors. The unique spices and food combinations found in traditional Jamaican cuisine will allow your taste buds to explore exotic new locales, with rich, full flavors unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Traditional Jamaican flavors include curries, jerk, and other robust, complex flavors that are sure to change the way that you approach food forever.

It’s perfect for both meat-lovers and vegetarians/vegans

Contrary to the popular myth that Jamaican food isn’t vegetarian or vegan-friendly, there are actually options for both meat-lovers and vegetarians/vegans found in traditional authentic Jamaican cuisine. Most of the time, dishes don’t even need to be altered to cater to vegetarian or vegan diners! There are plenty of traditional dishes that rely totally on vegetables, fruits, rice, and beans rather than meats. For people who want to eat meat, traditional foods like jerk chicken, meat curries, meat-filled patties, and other recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings for meat. In addition to chicken, pork is another common meat that you’ll find in a lot of different Jamaican recipes.

There’s something for every kind of taste

Jamaican food is definitely not a “one size fits all” type of cuisine. There are different dishes that are sure to appeal to every kind of taste, whether you’re looking for something light and sweet, rich and flavorful, hot and spicy, mild and subtle—and everything in between. Jamaican dishes are very diverse when it comes to flavor, so you’ll be able to find something you like no matter what your personal preference and personal taste.

In addition to different dishes appealing to different taste, Jamaican food has all sorts of dishes that are best for breakfast, snacks, and dinners—and yes, even desserts. Trying out new Jamaican food can be as simple as deciding you want a snack or sweet dessert and indulging in a corresponding dish.

Tips for trying Jamaican food for the first time

The first time that you head to the nearest Jamaican restaurant to try out some great Jamaican cuisine, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind that will make your experience more pleasant.

First, make sure that you ask about the spice levels for various dishes. Restaurants will usually mark anything that is generally spicy with a note (such as chili pepper or fire symbol) but if they don’t, know that the most common spicy dish in Jamaican cuisine will be “jerk,” such as jerked chicken or pork. Restaurants may be able to make the dish more or less spicy depending on your preference, so ask the server about this if you have a preference.


And remember to leave room for dessert! Jamaican desserts are delicious, unique and the perfect way to end your meal. Common desserts include festival dumplings, bread pudding and sweet potato pudding.

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