The bar Mitzvah is a happy occasion that calls for celebration in the family. The celebrations are going to be just like any other party with loads of food, good ambience and happening music. You may also plan to hire a DJ for one of the most coveted celebrations of your family.

It is important to hire an experienced DJ who has had worked at Bar Mitzvah ceremonies. The entertainment has to be focused on kids as kids are the main guest, but at the same time, you don’t want the adults to get bored too.

Before hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ, here’s a look at a few essential questions to ask:

Check his Background with the help of the following questions

  • How many years of experience he/she has in Bat Mitzvah celebrations as it shows what you can expect from the DJ and whether you can trust them with your celebration.
  • Ask about what people feel about their parties and kind of feedback they received.
  • Ask for some references who have hired them for Bat Mitzvah so that you can find out some first-hand feedbacks from people.
  • Do they guarantee a specific DJ or emcee and will their name be included in the contract? Ask if you can talk to the person so that you can find a little more about them, and if they are able to work with teenagers.
  • Ask them to show some videos of their work or invite you for their next show so that you get to see their work before hiring the Bat Mitzvah DJ.

Ask following questions about the party

  • Ask if the DJ, emcee, and dancers would be wearing a specific dress. If you wish to see them in a specific dress, inform them in advance. You can also offer them t-shirts or dresses to match with the theme of the party.
  • Ask if they bring along their equipment or you will have to make the arrangements. Plus, ask if they have backup equipment or DJ/ emcee in case of any emergency.
  • Ask them for their schedule as that they can sit with you for planning the timeline of the events in the celebration as the list has to be with the DJ and emcee as well.

Questions to ask the bar Mitzvah DJ about entertainment quotient

  • You need to ask if they arrange for the party giveaway favours and are the charges included in their package.
  • Ask if they have zap shot photographer and will they be able to show photos on screen during the celebration.
  • Ask if they can arrange for games, magicians, photographers, etc.

Other details

  • Ask about their fee and the deliverables included.
  • Ask if they are insured
  • Ask about the cancellation policy and return of advance.
  • Ask if the payment includes crew fee, or you have to pay separately for them.

Asking the following questions to the Bat Mitzvah DJ will make sure you have a memorable celebration with great music which will be cherished for years to come. 

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