Hey, congratulation on your first job. Maybe you’ve got the date to join your very new work station. It’s going to be amazing, isn’t it? Maybe you’re little tensed and thinking too much about what to do in starting. So, this guide is for the very novice peoples who has just graduated from some Govt. or private universities and got hired in a company.

When I was 23, I started my first ever job as a Social media marketer. I can still remember the first day in my office and that time there was not so many resources to study and learn more about the special first day.

That’s why I thought to share my experience and give some tips to you so that you can make a great impression on your first job.

Remember, the first impression is the best impression.

That could change your whole life. So try to follow these tips. Hopefully, you won’t get hopeless. It doesn’t need good exam result always, to get a better job.

#1 Be Punctual

Time is a core thing when we talk about offices or businesses. You’ve to learn about maintaining your time properly. Suppose you’re going to start your first office tomorrow morning. You’ve to set an alarm and wake up before a minimum of 2 hours of office.

That time will help you to get ready properly.

If you need 15 minutes to arrive in your office, don’t take any risk go out keeping 30 minutes on hand. Because if you arrive there 15 minutes earlier than doesn’t matter but if you accidentally become late on the first day that will make a really bad impression in your first job.

So be very careful about your timing.

#2 Understand Your Tasks

You know your job role. But you don’t have any experience that is the most important thing companies ask for. You don’t know what to do. What will you do in that situation?

Most of the good companies provide training for their novice and fresher employees. If you get training that’s cool, hope you’ve got what to do in your office.

But unfortunately, if you didn’t get any training, you should learn yourself.

As a girl, I found someone in LinkedIn, who is playing the same job role in a different company and asked him about his working details.

Luckily, that guy shared lots of facts that were important for me and he suggested me few videos those helped me to understand better.

Whatever your job role is, there are numerous videos available on the internet. Maybe you will find a free course on Udemy too.

Or search in YouTube for free videos.

I hope you will find a lot of resourceful videos.

#3 Dress Professionally

Every office has its own dress code, but there are still lots of offices who don’t have any dress code. If you have got a certain dress code, you can wear it but if you’re not one, then what to do?

Based on your region, there are dresses available that people wear in their office.

As usual, a white shirt, black pant, black belt, black tie, and black shoe are the best combination in my eye for the male candidates.


#4 Be Friendly and Learn About Coworkers Quick

You have to be friendly with your co-workers. First of all, try to learn their name quickly and remember these. Spend time with them, when you are in the break. Eat lunch with them and share food.

Ask about their family and other things.

Do whatever you need to prove yourself friendly.

And then ask about the work that will help you to run your job properly. When you will become friends with them, they won’t deny you and it will super easy for you to ask any question related to your work.

Learn it, it’s important.

And never ever hesitate to ask questions.

#5 Ask for Help/ Ask Questions

You can’t learn if you don’t ask. So it’s really important for someone to ask questions.

#6 Keep Learning

If you want to perform better in the near future and have to see a bright deal with your boss, then you’ve to keep learning.

The more you learn you will be able to perform more for the company. That will make your boss happy, and a happy boss is really important for surviving in an office.

Otherwise, it will be really hard to keep working.

So keep learning when you go chance.

#7 Avoid Office Gossip and Politics

Most of the office has its own politics into it. Some people want to lead other people and take unusual advantage from the official authority.

This is really bad, don’t be one of them.

Never ever join that kind of politics or don’t be a part of gossip.


I think these top 7 things are enough for your starting. If you can follow these, it will awesome for you.

Good luck with your first job.