Bringing up children is the most difficult task on planet earth. Children are like new buds which requires care and nourishment in order to become a flower one day and blossom to its youth. Children are sometimes nice but sometimes they can give you tough time. But you have to deal with them no matter how much difficult they can be. There is a race out there in the world to earn more and provide the best to their children. In this race in order to compete well both of the parents are working and earning to build a nice and easy lifestyle and good education for their children. They sometimes neglect their children which ultimately results in the children being getting away from their parents. The bond between parents and children fails to become strong. Whereas there are some parents who have time for their children but do not know how to spend it with them. All of the parents especially moms in the world can understand this. They are looking for activities which can be productive for the children and they can have a good quality time with them. Then you should stop looking. You are at the right place and this article will help you a lot.


Parents can always bake cookies, cake and cupcakes with their children because they are delicious and easy to bake.

Watch movies:

The parents can have a blast with children by watching a movie with them at home.

Making and solving puzzles:

The parents can always become favorite to their children by solving puzzles with them.

Dough art:

Parents can always be fun to their children by making many dough toys with them and then allowing them to play with those toys. Dough has always been fascinating to children. So, the children will love you if do this activity with them.

Sketching and painting:

The parents can also spend quality time with their children by indulging them to draw something and then paint it together. The parents should always sketch and pint with their children because it infuses a good positive spirit in them about life and the way to live life.


The parents ought to spend time with their children in healthy activities like sports. They should encourage children to play different kinds of sports in order to improve their physical health. They should motivate them to go out and play. They should also play with them different games like basketball, netball, cricket, badminton, football, hockey, tennis, table tennis, polo and many more. They should also encourage the children playing different board games which improves their mental health like chess, ludo, uno, scrabble and many other games.


This craft is usually done with girls but it can equally be done with the boys. The knowledge of cooking is a forever blessing which will remain with them forever. If they ca cook then they will be able to survive anywhere in the world. The parents should teach their children how to cook things in different ways. They should start with easy things like cooking a soup or making pasta. They should then gradually move them to difficult things like making lasagnas and different kinds of desserts.

Building Stuff:

The best way to spend time with your children and engaging them into an activity that is good both physically and mentally is to build different kind of things. This can also include building a tree house or something else small and cute with wood. They can always make some room decorations with their children because it includes strenuous activity as well as the brains to think how to fix things. This will remain forever in the good memories of children as the thing is always present in front of them as a reminder.


This craft is especially for the daddies because we do not want them to be left behind. They can always write a song and then sing it with their children and in this way; they can develop their own family song. They should always sing to their children in order to boost up their morale and spirits whenever they are down and do not feel good about them. They should sing those stories with good morals so that they can grow to become a better person.


Reading is the most productive habit. If the parents want to spend some productive time with their children then they should read with their children. They ought to read them their favorite novels, stories and online assignment help service. They must listen to their children and should develop a habit to read them good moralistic stories. They should tell them stories to shape their lives and which can help them to become a better person to the society, world and themselves.