The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants offers Chartered Certified Accountant qualification across the globe. They are one of the leaders of professional accounting firms. With two lac employees and 4.86 lac students, it is the best organization. The students trained from ACCA are qualified and efficient. They contribute to almost every sector you can think of.

ACCA Training

You can take up ACCA coaching even after 10th standard. You need not to wait till 12th board results to join this course. Within two years you can complete the course. After the completion, of course, you would get paid, equal to that of a CA. This is a lucrative career to opt for as it takes only half the duration of CA. Your certificate would be valid across the globe. It is recognized in almost 180+ countries. The ACCA training is acknowledged for its quality, teaching, and syllabus. In India around 13,000 ACCAs are present. Join ACCA training and be a part of this huge family.

The programme includes 14 examinations that the candidate must pass. They are divided into professional and fundamental-streams. Exams are conducted every quarter. So, there is not much pressure on the students. Even if they have not prepared for an exam, they can cope up with the next one. Candidates have around 10 years to pass all the exam. To be accepted by the ACCA, the students must have ‘A grade’ in mathematics and English. (or equivalent)

Why is ACCA training important?

It is recognized by the financial industry throughout the world. By undergoing the training, you can understand the subject completely and can become an expert after three or four years of practice. Within a short period of time, you would be earning a fortune of money and would also be successful in your career. Members and students of ACCA are renowned for their ethical and professional conduct. Many recruiters only hire students with ACCA certification. Students have a varied option to learn from, like E-magazines, webinars, online books etc.

Advantages of ACCA training.

1. The training hours are flexible. And most of the training is conducted during the weekends only.

2. The qualification is approved and recognized globally.

3. This qualification is at par with a university degree.

4. There are innumerous job options for the students after they complete their training. Some options include accountancy, industrial and banking sectors, auditing, tax systems, consulting, etc.

ACCA training is one of the best options if you are stuck and confused about your future and career. It is easy to pursue and would land you in a lucrative job. With the ACCA certificate in your hand, you can grab high-paying jobs. Also, the job options are not limited. You would be provided with various options and can work in almost any sector.

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