Most of us want to live in the beautiful, clean and hygienic house which is only possible if we will pay extra attention towards the cleaning of our home by wiping off even the tiny particle of dirt, dust etc. If you also want to have the clean and hygienic house free from dust, pollutants, bacteria then here are some tricks suggested by the experts for cleaning your home including furniture, carpets, kitchen appliances and other things in the easy and perfect manner.

Cleaning blender

Starting from the kitchen, we find it perilous activity to clean the blender but you can easily clean it with baking soda, little dish soap. For cleaning your blender put baking soda, warm water, and dish soap in the blender and pulse it for few seconds, it will make your blender clean and brand new.

Cleaning sink fixtures

Sinks can be the dirtiest places in the home as they have to bear the regular flows of water and soaps so these can be a house for bacteria. You can sanitize them with an antibacterial cleanser and then can clean the faucets and tap handles with the wax paper to remove all water and soap stains and even the wax will prevent the future spots too.

Cleaning Coffee maker

Cleaning coffee maker can be a difficult task but if you will use vinegar to clean it then in a few seconds you can get the brand new maker. Put white vinegar with some water and then run it so in a few seconds you will get cleaned maker without any serious and hard scrubbing.

Cleaning washing machines

We use washers or washing machines for having clean clothes but have you ever noticed that after washing, these machines can be the house for harmful bacteria due to the smell of soaps or detergents. For having hygienic clothes you need to clean the washer by running it with the combination of hot water and bleach. In a few minutes, you could have washers with a fresh smell and hygienic for washing clothes.

Cleaning carpet

Carpets give us beautiful flooring so it is important to clean them on regular basis. For cleaning the carpets you can use a vacuum, steam cleaning or dry cleaning methods according to the type and usage of your carpets and to have the deep and hygienic carpet cleaning you must call the professionals cleaning service providers.

Sweeping your baseboards

To keep your house clean and smelling fresh you must try this clever trick. Attach the dryer sheet with the Swiffer in place of the microfiber cloth and then you can easily pick all the unwanted dust along with lending sweet smell behind.

Cleaning shower heads

If you are pissed off by having a bath with the dirty and spotty shower head then give it a clean and brand new look with some vinegar. Fill the sandwich bag with white vinegar and affix it to the shower head and leave overnight then in the morning you will have clean shower head free from all kind of spots and bacteria.

Cleaning mattress

We find the mattress best place to relax and rest but your mattress can be a house of bacteria and can even provoke infection and allergy so clean your mattress with baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for few hours and then vacuum it and you will have a clean and hygienic mattress with a fresh smell.

Having disinfected sponges

We use sponges to clean utensils or countertops but these sponges can also spread many harmful bacteria so it is important to make them free from bacterial contamination. You can clean your sponges in the microwave by dampening it in the bowl full of water and operate the microwave for 90 seconds and disinfect you are all kitchen sponges.

Steam cleaning microwaves

We try many recipes in the microwave but while cooking your microwave can get a lot of elbow grease so it is important to clean it. Steam cleaning can give your microwave brand new and fresh smelling look so keep a microwave bowl filled with white vinegar and water in it and run for few seconds and clean quickly the steam up the microwave to get its fresh and new look.

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