The Truth about Water Damage


Would you agree that Water damage is insidious? It can cause damage you don’t even know is happening until it is too late. Thousands of homes experience damage from water every year, requiring expensive repairs and restoration.

We are the water damage professionals in this area. Drop for drop, you can expect better water damage repair, restoration, and prevention service from our company. Water damage can result in toxic black mold, a health hazard. It can devalue your property and destroy foundations or flooring. The small crack that shows minor seepage today can become a flood opening in the near future without proper control and repairs.

Our technicians are water damage professionals. They work diligently to track down all sources of existing and potential water damage sites. They are insured and properly trained to do control water damage investigations and treatment. Mold, mildew, toxic fumes, sewage back-ups, stormwater, ice dams and leakage problems with pipes or appliances all can cause major damage to buildings.

We go to the source of the problem and fix it. Period. We will not leave until we are satisfied that our job is complete. We can dry out basements, crawl spaces, walls, and carpeting/pads. One thing you really do not want in the home or office is pathogen growth. Even water that looks clean, like fresh rain, can contain contaminants and germs or bacteria you cannot allow to thrive inside.

Water is great when it is clean and in a drinking glass. When it is on the floor, in the carpets, in the walls or coming through the ceiling, it is nasty, dirty and undesirable. There is a resolution for water damage, and we are the best in the business. We take pride in our expertise at removing water, drying out dampness, disinfecting and sanitizing water contaminated areas.

Winter problems like ice dams on roofs or frozen pipes are no match for our team and our state-of-the art equipment. Sewage back-ups are another disgusting problem that our teams will tackle with enthusiasm, providing safe and secure clean up of leakage and seepage.

Our water damage professionals are fully licensed and insured to give you secure, honest clean up for all types of water problems. When you have water where you don’t want it, call in the experts.

AMARCO Quality Water Damage Restoration

If your home or business has experienced water damage due to a burst pipe, flooding, fire, or other unexpected emergency, the fast, professional staff at AMARCO® can help. AMARCO® has over nineteen years of experience in the field of water damage restoration; this means that your job will be handled by experts in the field of mold remediation and water damage repair. AMARCO will walk you through the insurance process and ensure that your claim is settled quickly, taking some of the stress out of a bad situation and getting your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible. With five locations in and around the Sarasota area, there’s certain to be one near you. Here are some of the advantages of working with AMARCO to solve your water damage problems.


The friendly, courteous staff at AMARCO® has the experience and know-how to get your job done right the first time. Experts in restoration and mold removal, AMARCO® does extensive testing to determine the exact level of damage and then takes the appropriate steps to resolve the problem. AMARCO can handle even the worst cases of water damage. First, any damaged or waterlogged items will be taken to a warehouse and professionally cleaned, dried, and treated to remove any mold. Then walls, floors, and carpets will be professionally deep-cleaned and dehumidified to further protect your home against mold growth. Finally, your items will be returned to your home. AMARCO works to ensure your home is back in great condition as quickly as possible.

Speed of Service

AMARCO® is committed to resolving your water damage problems fast. Within thirty minutes of your call, an AMARCO® team will be on-site and working with you to identify the extent of the problem, or we’ll pay your insurance deductible. Either way, you’ll get the fastest service in the business; many customers report that their water damage is repaired and their home restored within three days. Other water damage restoration companies can’t compete with the speed of service provided by FMS CAT. Most take days or weeks even to start the job, exposing your family to mold and other dangerous substances and compounding the damage to your home. The expert staff at FMS CAT® will get to work right away, making sure your family and belongings are protected and your home restored quickly and efficiently.

Personal Service

General Manager Charles Williams credits the company’s success to a genuine desire to help people. AMARCO® works with our customers to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price and even offers discounts for senior citizens. Additionally, AMARCO® works with uninsured and underinsured property owners to ensure that they too get the help they need when their home or business experiences water damage. AMARCO is committed to improving the lives of our customers by protecting them against the serious health threats posed by mold and other side effects of water damage. Restoration specialist T. J. Riley identifies his number one goal as “to keep people safe from mold,” and AMARCO demonstrates this commitment to customer safety and satisfaction every day on every single job we do.


AMARCO® has an outstanding 100% customer satisfaction rating; our dedication and resolve to get the job done right ensures that AMARCO® customers recommend the service to their friends. FMS CAT® has achieved the coveted A+ rating from the Sarasota Better Business Bureau and is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business; this means that no consumer reports have been received and that FMS CAT® meets the exacting standards for quality and customer service required to receive this award. Our company has also achieved all applicable certifications for our services including OSHA certification, smoke, and water restoration certification, mold remediation certification, and lead remediation certification to ensure that our customers get the highest quality results.

Commitment to the Community

AMARCO® gives back to the Sarasota area as a corporate supporter of charities including Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. AMARCO® also works with Atlanta customers to ensure that even those with a diminished ability to pay receive the water restoration services they need to keep their families safe and healthy.


At the heart of the AMARCO® philosophy is the commitment to quality we show on each job, no matter how large or how small. AMARCO® works with the highest quality materials and uses the most advanced techniques to produce outstanding results for our customers. We put our commitment to quality on the line every day to ensure your satisfaction. We’ll work with your insurance company and handle your water damage problem every step of the way from start to finish; you can relax and let us handle it all. AMARCO will repair the damage and restore your home to like-new condition in record time.

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