Tired of spending more than three hours each day to deep clean your house? No worries, we totally understand how you feel.

As a busy woman or man who needs to go to work, take care of the kids or perform other tasks, it can be quite burdensome to spend long hours cleaning the entire house.

To help you streamline your work processes, we created a foolproof house cleaning guide. With the tips we share, you can surely reduce your cleaning hours by less than two hours.

Decluttering ❨15 minutes)

Every day, try spending 15 minutes decluttering your homes. Prepare four boxes for the things you need to discard, keep, replace and give away.

As much as possible you should fill each box each day. This way you can free up space and cut the time needed to clean up each room. Work through each room in the house until you complete your decluttering task.

Need a few more take away tips for your decluttering task? Here are some useful things to note:

  • Feeling unmotivated to clean up the room? We suggest visualizing a clean and well-organised room so you can easily complete your decluttering task.
  • Designate a clutter-free zone inside each house. See to it that you maintain its tidiness and cleanliness all week long.
  • Pick up five random things each day and place them in the right spot inside your house.
  • Create a to-do list for the whole month. Include your target number for items you need to throw away or give to the charity.
  • If you have kids, nieces or nephews, start to teach them the real value of decluttering any size of space. Teach them how they should put away their things after the play or before they go to bed.

Bedroom ❨10 minutes)  

Many people consider their bedrooms as their sanctuary. It’s that one part of the house where one can enjoy absolute privacy. It also tends to be the messiest part of a house. Keeping it clean and orderly is crucial if you truly value relaxation and uninterrupted sleep.

Ten minutes is more than enough to strip the bed linens, make the bed, and tidy up the entire bedroom as long as you do things systematically.

Start the cleaning routine with the bed. When you tuck the sheets, we suggest tucking them underneath the mattress so it won’t easily unravel.

Then, you can proceed to pick up the trash, soiled clothing, and newly washed clothes. Throw trash in the bin, fold the clean clothes and place the soiled clothes inside the laundry bag. 

On the next day, you can start performing another set of activities. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Run the vacuum on the floor to remove mites and dust hidden in between the flooring fibre.
  • Using a feather duster or a microfibre, go through the surface of each furnishing. If you use wood furnishings, don’t forget to spray a bit of polishing solution to keep the surface smooth and scratch-free.
  • Vacuum the pillows and the mattresses to ensure that they’re free from mites, specks of dust, and other kinds of allergen.
  • Spend a few minutes cleaning the walls and ceiling. Sometimes, because of neglect dirt accumulates on the crevices, making it hard to remove. This is why it’s terribly important to wipe the walls and ceiling clean from time to time.

Kitchen and dining room cleaning routine ❨15 minutes)  

Members of a typical household spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen and dining room each day. Because it’s a busy area, it’s quite prone to liquid spills, food splatter and all sorts of other mess. 

The key to keeping these two areas of the house spic and span is to clean them as you go. After you cook or eat meals, you need to clear the working areas as soon as possible.

Put away the dishes, wipe off the food spills and clear the garbage bin especially if it contains a lot of biodegradable wastes. Don’t wait for the discarded food items to spoil before you throw out the trash.


Clean the outdoor space ❨15 minutes) 

A lot of people tend to neglect their outdoor spaces. If you’re guilty of doing the same mistake, it’s best that you start changing your ways now.

Start by allocating at least 15 minutes a day to clean the outdoor area. Familiarise yourself with the proper garden furniture cleaning and maintenance routine so you don’t mess up the furnishing in any way or to cut the time needed to clean up the stains.

Pay extra attention to the cleaning methods and techniques used in certain types of furnishings. For example, in cleaning wood or teak furnishing, instead of using ordinary cleaners to remove stains from moulds and water damage, you need to spray pure vinegar on the surface of the furnishing.  

You must also spend a few minutes removing grime from the concrete or stone pavers used in your outdoor area. You’d be surprised by how different the pavement will look once you finish cleaning the entire area.

Lastly, if you have a garden, see to it that you spend an extra ten minutes to tend to the plants. Make sure to water them regularly and nourish the soil with the prescribed amount of fertiliser. Weed out the garden plots too so you can promote healthy and fast growth for your plants.

Work on the bathroom ❨15 minutes)  

Allocating 15 minutes every day to clean your bathroom will totally simplify your usual household routine.

Doing little things like wiping the sink clean and applying detergent or sanitizer on the toilet bowl can significantly reduce the time needed to maintain your bathroom each day. Here are other simple bathroom cleaning tasks that you should include to your routine:

  • Keep the flooring and walls dry after use to prevent moulds and mildew overgrowth. If you notice discolouration due to water damage, use a chlorine solution to restore the original colour of the material.
  • Drain the tub completely and wash off the surface to remove the thin layer of scum. In case the stain won’t come off, use liquid detergent or baking soda solution to wash it away.
  • Discard empty bottles of shampoos, conditioners and other products to free up available space in the room.
  • Never forget to clean the vanity area, most especially after use. Wipe spilt foundation, finishing powder or liquid lipstick from the workspace.
  • Wipe the bathroom glass with a damp newspaper to restore its sheen and to remove unwanted markings.
  • Tidy up the medicine cabinet by removing bottles of expired prescription drugs. After cleaning the cabinet, reorganize the bottles according to the order of use.
  • Not even the most fragrant air freshener can remove the stench in the bathroom if you don’t properly discard your trash. This is why it’s crucial to clear your bathroom waste bin each day to maintain the fresh and clean smell of the room.

It’s not really that complicated to clean and maintain an entire house. It will take you roughly two hours to work through each room if you follow a solid routine. Take note of the recommendations we enumerated above plus the cleaning tips we shared so you don’t need to waste more than three hours to get everything done.