Be it your home or office premises, it is really important to pay extra attention to cleanliness and hygiene, ignorance can lead to curtailing germs and these airborne germs and pollutant can pose some serious health issues.

But have you ever wondered that what is the difference between commercial cleaning in Toronto and domestic cleaning when the aim of both is to keep everything clean and hygienic?

For a layman, the answer will be no but there are some factors that make commercial cleaning totally different from domestic cleaning. The aim may be the same but the approach to achieve the results is totally different.


For commercial cleaning in Toronto, it is a necessity to keep premises clean to run a business, however, they have an option to decide that in which part of the office to invest in and which one to leave as they have allocated budget for the same and they can’t go beyond that. Every business runs with a certain budget and all the activities are to be carried out in that specific budget only, however, this is not the case with domestic cleaning, homeowners can always alter their budget depending upon their expectations. They also have an option of doing it themselves or hiring services of professional.



The approach towards both domestic and commercial cleaning will be totally different. Depending on the nature of the business, cleaning activities will be planned whereas for domestic cleaning usually standard procedures are followed. Every business may have some rules laid down to by local government which everyone has to follow to maintain the standards, but domestic cleaning does not come with such guidelines.


For commercial cleaning in Toronto, the level of expertise is required to be higher. There may be warehouses with high ceilings and the only expert can ensure proper cleaning of the same. Proper safety measures are taken for the cleaners involved in commercial cleaning, whereas such is not the case with domestic cleaning. Someone who is good at domestic cleaning may not be able to handle commercial cleaning because of expertise required and risk involved in the same.

Hiring domestic cleaners is not a pain, but to hire commercial cleaning service providers, one has to look upon various factors. Usually, companies invite tenders from various companies and choose the one with the lowest bid. However, they must keep in mind that the lowest may not be good in services and thus lots of other factors must also be taken into consideration.