DIY Tips to Repair Your Leaky Balcony


Balconies are added an architectural feature that is eye-catching, iconic, and desirable. It is a practical addition to any building especially residential homes which can instil a sense of freedom as we walk outside from our bedroom or living room to the balcony. Unfortunately, through time these balconies start to leak as the membrane get weakens with movement due to building practices and weather conditions. Get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid severe damages to our homes.

When people think of repairing the leaky balcony the first thing they consider is redoing the tiles. However, with a lot of the issues coming from the movement of the substrate under the tiles replacing or redoing the tiles can be an expensive option which can cost approx thousands of dollars and have little long term impact. Even if you are insured, as insurance will cover the damage caused but not the cost of repair. On the other hand, Clear Waterproofing Membrane is a permanent and cost-effective solution to repair your leaky balcony issues. Under this method, a seamless and transparent membrane is installed over the surface of the balcony which prevents the water penetrating the surface and causing structural damage. Remedial Membranes provides detailed installation videos and guides so you can even DIY leaky balcony Repair by yourself following the below-mentioned steps:


In order to start with the process of leaky balcony repair, you need the following items. Purchase a Clear Waterproofing Membrane kit, scrapper, Nap roller, paint tray, matching grout, cleaning agent and an applicable gun. The Clear Waterproofing Membrane will include Clear Waterproofing Membrane Part 1 & 2, joint adhesive, slip-resistant aggregate, and a paintbrush.


After purchasing all the items from the inventory list, properly clean the balcony surface before application of the membrane. Make sure it is cleaned properly and there are no spots or patches of dirt because once the membrane is applied to it, it will permanently going to look like that. Clean the surface of the balcony with a cleaning agent. After cleaning the area with a high-pressure water cleaner. Mix 1 part of cleaning agent with equal parts of water and spray it on the surface thoroughly. Removing excess water and allowing it to dry completely.

Note:- Chlorine is suggested cleaner for areas where mold is an issue otherwise we recommend using Hydrochloric acid.


Examine the surface and check for any missing grouts and cracks. If you find any fill in matching grout on the surface where grout is missing and let it dry the recommended time on the packaging. If there are any popped tiles remove to clean the area below and reinstall using the Soudal Joint Adhesive as it is a neutral cure can be grouted in at the same time. Allow at least 2 days of dry time before installing the membrane.

If you have timber frame or stone tiles please contact Remedial Membranes Help Desk for extra steps that may be required.


Dust off and dry the surface using a very dry sponge. Make sure the balcony is completely clean and dry. Then, make a thicken solution by mechanically mixing Clear Waterproofing Membrane part 1 and part 2 properly. Allow to rest for 5 mins and then mix before use.


Apply Soudol joint adhesive on all the expansion joints including the flashing below the door. Then, use a plastic scraper to flatten the joint adhesive. Let it dry and then take a paint brush and start painting the membrane on the perimeter and 100mm up the wall or above the skirting applying the membrane to the wall.

Apply 2 coats of the membrane on the perimeter 100mm up the wall and 100mm in from the junction and allow to dry. Using a clean Nap roller apply the membrane to the surface infilling the section in the middle. Avoid any run off and wipe over and don’t forget to apply the membrane on the edges.

After completion of the first coat, mix the slip resistant aggregate in the remaining mixture and start with the second coat only needing to do a second infil coat. Give a timely stir to the mixture to prevent the aggregate to get settle down at the bottom. Let the area get dry for a day before foot traffic and 7 days before replacing furniture or pots.

You can apply as many coats as you feel is enough for your balcony. Follow these 4-step DIY leaking balcony repair guide to waterproof your balcony by yourself or you can take the help of professional installers to do the job for you.

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