5 Features Offered on the Latest Robot Vacuums


You may have heard online what some of the latest robot vacuums can do in your home. But is it something you need? Is a robot vacuum just a gadget suitable for lazy people?

Most people aren’t lazy but busy. Vacuuming the floor is a job that tends to get moved down the list of things to do because it’s the least important. That is until it’s noticeable and in your face and then it has to be done as soon as possible.

Guess what! A robot vacuum can help because it has the ability to clean on an automatic schedule. This takes the decision making out of cleaning. It allows you to carry on with other important tasks while the vacuum is working around you or even when you’re out. Lazy or busy it will work for both.

Scheduling is available on most robot vacuums now, at all price points. It’s a simple solution but it lets you keep your floors clean on a regular basis, especially if you have pets that shed.

Gadgets that help us are wonderful. The trouble is we don’t know what we need to make our life easier until someone shows us. And then we can’t think how they could possibly make them better until they do.

So let me tell you about some of the latest improvements in new models released.

5 features that fall into that category:

Self Emptying

I hate emptying the dustbin of my vacuum cleaner! No matter how I do it I end off covered in dust and sneezing all over the place. The dustbin on a robot vacuum is usually small and requires that you empty it after use. A bit less dust to negotiate but I still can’t manage it cleanly.

It can be a bit of a pain to remember or bother to empty the bin after the vacuuming has finished, but if you don’t It can bring your vacuum to a halt or affect the suction.

So I’m quite excited about this improvement. iRobot leads the way with its new designs putting a secondary vacuum into the charging dock. This sucks out the dirt from the robot vacuum when it goes back for a recharge. It can even go back for emptying if it’s full before it runs out of charge, and all this is automatic.

The dirt collected in the docking unit goes into a dust bag for easy disposal. These sealed bags are much better if you suffer from allergies, as no dust can release into the air to cause issues. The bags can hold 60 days worth of dirt and emptying is a breeze. Bag to the bin and no dust clouds! How’s that for continuous cleaning.

HI Efficiency Filters

This is a good time to mention the high-efficiency filters. If you sneeze a lot when you clean, then this might benefit you. The high-efficiency filter can stop 99% of mold spores, dust mites, and pollen particles.

The problem with many vacuums is that they can send a cloud of dust back out into the room as they work. This can make allergies worse every time you have to clean the floor.

When it’s recommended that you vacuum more often to keep the allergens at bay it can be problematical. A robot vacuum makes it easy to clean more often and the filter helps to keep the air clear. A good reason to consider getting one.

Increased Suction Options

Let’s be honest here, you’re probably won’t think about suction power when choosing your robot vacuum. If you’re like me, you’ll only care that it can clean the floor, whether it’s carpet or hard floor.

A variety of suction options can give you the most economic and effective results. If you have hard flooring you can get away with less suction and take advantage of eco options. Carpets need more suction to get into the pile and deal with the dirt.

Many vacuums now have sensors that can identify the floor surface and the amount of dirt on it.  It then will automatically adjust the suction to boost if required.

If I can have a vacuum that’s clever enough to work harder on dirtier bits without me telling it to, I won’t complain.

Multi-floor Mapping

Getting technical now! In certain robot vacuums, there are sensors that can scan the room. This is used to estimate the size of the room and identify objects like pieces of furniture.

The information is then transferred to the app, by the robot vacuum, as a floor plan. Now it can calculate the best route so every part of the floor is cleaned in the most efficient manner.  Usually, the floor map produced is used again each time the vacuum cleans, which saves a bit of time.

The main issue was you could only have one map. Too bad if you live in a townhouse. The vacuum can still clean other floors but you can’t take advantage of adding virtual walls or no go areas. These are invisible barriers that stop the vacuum going where you don’t want it to.

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That’s now sorted. Multiple maps can now be saved. Let the vacuum create a map for each floor, add your no go lines and select the one required.

Virtual walls are amazing. I never have to worry about my robot vacuum climbing onto the hearth and going under the log burner now.

Cleaning by Room

Isn’t this the way we normally clean? With a standard vacuum and you in control, definitely. So what’s the big deal?

It’s been a bit more of a challenge to program a robot vacuum to be able to clean by room. Now with smart mapping sensors, the map is split into specific zones. These zones can be named with the kitchen, living room and other areas.

So why would you care about this? Well now you can set your robot vacuum to clean the rooms you need it to, as often as you want. Clean the high traffic areas daily and the restless often, just as you would do it.


Do you find that you never have time to get your chores done?  Then consider a time-saving robot vacuum with some of the latest features. It’s like having your own home helper, being there to work whenever you want.

Make cleaning easier with the press of a button. In fact, if you have a voice control device, you can ask your vacuum to go and clean your kitchen. Off it will go and you won’t get any arguments. Bliss!

Short introduction: Are you looking for some cleaning help? A robot vacuum can fill that job and free up some of your time. Choosing one might seem daunting because of the many features offered. Let us tell you about some of the latest.

Live Young Live Free!!!
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