Using reclining office chairs is not always necessary or recommended, did you know?

And is that as with stacking chairs or wheels, it is not always advisable to use them in any space. Each office furniture, with its specifications and characteristics, has been designed to be used in a specific place in the company.

Today, at Flexi-working, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this type of products. Do you want to know the keys and when to use these chairs in your office? Keep reading!

What we mean by reclining office chairs

Typically, when we talk about lounging, we tend to think that it is the typical relaxing armchair that includes a footrest. However, if you work in the sector, you will know that some office chairs are also and that, if a chair is reclining, it means that its backrest can be tilted backward, whether fixed or not, through a mechanism manual or one automatic.

It is necessary to differentiate reclining of reclining:

On the one hand, it can be sprawled by the impulse of the body itself, that is, the inclination of the backrest will be exerted with the strength of the user’s body, mainly the lumbar area. This is because the chair incorporates an automatic mechanism that allows the recovery of the original position of the backrest of the chair once that force is no longer exerted; therefore, this position is not permanent, but temporary, insofar as it depends on the user.

Sometimes we can also find chairs whose recline does not depend on the force exerted by the user, but a mechanism that causes it to change. A clear example that, even without being a chair, you will undoubtedly recognize: the wheels that brought most of the front seats of the cars. Although it should be noted, it is increasingly difficult to find this type of mechanism.

For example, ergonomic office chairs, or some home sofas.

However, there is also some furniture whose recline is anchored because they have been designed with that permanent inclination.

For example, many home sofas are also reclining, rocking chairs and lounge chairs.

When it is advisable to equip a company with reclining office chairs We have not yet solved any of our doubts, we know, that is why we have created this epigraph, to clarify the last doubts that you have left, above all, in which cases and places you can use.

Operating area

It is no longer an option, it is almost an obligation and even need to use chairs that incorporate this benefit. Include ergonomic office chairs that allow the adaptability of the backrest to the user, especially when it comes to stretching and changing the perspective or the distance that separates it from the work area. Of course, the backrest must always accompany the movement and the position of the user, so it must be a reclining office chair (beware, not reclining)

Management room or office

As in the case of workers, the manager must also have an ergonomic chair that incorporates this automatic mechanism.

Lounge chairs

Although in this post we focus on reclining office chairs, we also want to emphasize the rest chairs, since it is widespread that this type of furniture has this feature.

In summary: we will use this type of chairs to equip the work areas, that is, the places of intensive use. With this, we refer to those mentioned above operational and management areas.

But, then, when do we not use these chairs? Except in exceptional cases, it would always be recommended to use them, since it allows us to change positions without moving from our chair.

When it is not advisable to use reclining office chairs

In general, we recommend that these chairs are not used in waiting areas or reception areas. Why? Just because, as a general rule, these customers do not usually spend too much time here, so it is best to use sofas, benches or four-legged chairs.

Has this explanatory post helped you? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave us a comment, we will respond as soon as possible.

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