Localization is the main key feature which is necessary for a product to be established in different markets. It could be defined as the acceptance of the product in a specific local area.

In this time it is not only the product quality but also the product appearance which makes it profitable. Unless and until a customer doesn’t get attached from products he or she will not accept it. It is fascinating to note that a Dutch-British company Unilever Ltd. Is one of the largest consumer good company both in India and Pakistan named as Hindustan Unilever Ltd.& Pakistan Unilever Ltd. respectively? Those companies which have understood the concept of localization are making a big amount.

Now let us know how to localize your product in three simple steps:-

The Needs of Customers

If your business makes the high-quality product but if it is expensive then people will appreciate it but they will not buy. For developed countries like the U.S or any other European countries owing an iPhone is not big deal but in developing countries like in India, it matters a lot.

Those days were not gone when Nokia used to dominate the Indian mobile phone market but they ignored the fact that now customer wanted more. And here comes Samsung it started making a featured phone in mid segment and soon Samsung made it to the top but Nokia remain reluctant and later Nokia doomed. And now Chinese manufacturer Xiomi is making the same strategy as Samsung and results are outstanding.

Brand Awareness & Promotion

You have to reach your customer anyhow, accept it. Your business may be global but you have to reach your global market with patience and love. Don’t ever try to hurt the emotional attachment of people and never mock their way of living. Perspective of product in a different culture is different. For example, if you have a medicinal product and if you promote it with a motherly touch than it will help in an Asian country but it may be not useful in America. Dettol and Vicks are using the same strategy as stated above. Vicks has the Indian cricket captain ViratKohli as itsbrand ambassador but in its aid Vicks never forget to put the love of the mother for her child and Indian people appreciate it.

Talk of the Town

People are judgemental. They will criticize even if your product is good. I don’t agree with the statement that any publicity is good publicity .bad publicity affects the sale of product people will not buy the product if its starting review is bad. So, how to overcome this?

The answer is very simple if your product is new to the local market and yet to hit the floor then get local agents in favour of you. Grab local agents, local shopkeepers .use them for your product promotion. This local agent and shopkeeper will make you the talk of the town and once you are in an open market don’t rest. Be involved in people’s lives on every occasion. Wish them at their local festival. Promote your brand both in English and the local language of that area. These things will show them how much you care about them. Check out HackzHub – General Knowledge Sharing Blog for more such informational articles!

Always remember localization is tough but patience is the key.

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