Top 7 Amazing Benefits On Having Compensation Insurance


Workers play an important role in a business’s success. Therefore as a business owner, you need to take care of your workers and give them financial security from any kind of financial hardships that might arise due to injuries and sickness caused because of work-related hazards.

Worker compensation insurance in Los Angeles is an insurance mechanism that helps business owners to have a layer of protection on their employees along with themselves. Worker’s compensation is carried by the worker’s company or employer. In other words, worker compensation insurance is a deal between the worker’s company and the insurance company. It is an important part of any business.

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to workers who are injured or might get sick during their working time at the workplace. It covers medical expenses and lost wages. It is not only beneficial for a worker but is also beneficial for the business owner. For example, if your company’s worker is injured during working hours in your company due to your mistake (electric shock, machinery failure, slip and falls,) then he/she might file a case in court against you for getting compensation. This is where Workers Compensation comes into play and ensures to fulfill the financial liabilities of the employer.

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Getting medical treatment via Workers Compensation

In case a worker falls sick while on the job or gets injured in the workplace workers compensation will cover for the medical treatment of the worker. In some states, the employer chooses the physician who is going to treat the worker for his sickness or injuries. However, after a stipulated time period through the course of treatment, the worker is allowed to choose a physician himself. However, while choosing a different physician the worker needs to submit a solid reason for his change.

In case an employer fails to provide the benefits under the laws laid down covering an employee under workers’ compensation the employer might be booked and punished according to the stipulations laid. While claiming workers’ compensation the worker need not do much since the financial transaction occurs between the actual caregiver and the insurance company. The worker just needs to follow the doctors’ orders. The benefit gives via workers’ compensation is till the time the worker is fully healed or to the maximum limit allowed under worker’s compensation.

Workers compensation covers lost wages

When a worker is disabled due to an injury or any other reason and is not able to attend work and loses his wages due to nonattendance then workers’ compensation makes sure that the worker does not face any financial hardships. Wages are covered in times of temporary disability since the worker is going back to work in a fixed time frame, therefore, half of the wages are paid to the worker via worker’s compensation. If the disability is permanent even then worker’s compensation will ensure to cover the workers according to the norms of the workers’ compensation policy.

Disabled Worker Gets times for recovery

The most harrowing time for an injured to temporarily disabled worker is the time which he spends at home or in the hospital recovering from the injuries or sickness he has sustained during the course of his employment. At this stage, if the worker keeps worrying about his finances his chances and duration of recovery will dwindle. This is where worker’s compensation makes sure that the worker recovers fully while taking care of his medical treatments and the lost wages. In case of a permanent disability where doctors don’t have a specific time frame when the worker will be back to work or when the doctors are sure that the worker will never be back to work a benefit to the maximum limit or for life is paid to the worker. It depends upon the state of residence of the worker.

Death benefits

Death benefits are paid in case a worker dies due to work-related injuries or sickness. There are a few clauses that need to be observed closely while claiming death benefits. The death of the worker has to occur within a certain period of time following the work-related injury to be considered as a work-related death. In case the death does not occur in that time frame the death benefits under workers’ compensation might be denied. The request for death benefits under worker’s compensation needs to made within a specified time frame after the death else one needs to go for long-tail death claims.

Individual state laws differ in their provisions for the benefits to the dependents. A few states pay on the basis of the employee’s average weekly wages for the remaining life of the surviving spouse, a few might limit it to a few weeks. There might be an upper cap fixed to it and the benefits might be stopped in case the spouse chooses to remarry.

Saves the Employer from Litigations

In case a worker is injured or takes sick because of the machinery or the environmental conditions in the workplace the employer will be held liable for the condition, treatment, and rehabilitation of the worker. A worker disabled due to the working conditions or machinery in the workplace might sue the employer and such suits might run into millions of dollars which might easily make the business owner/s bankrupt in a short span of time. Worker’s compensation makes sure that all compensation in such cases is paid via workers’ compensation policy which the business owner has bought. Workers Compensation makes sure to protect the business owner from litigations arising out of suits filed by workers for compensation.

Has an extra layer of protection around the employees

No one wants to get injured or wants to fall sick however accidents and sickness are not in control of anyone. They can be avoided but cannot be eradicated. Once a worker is down due to an injury or sickness the company is not going to pay anything for a worker not working for them. However, Workers compensation makes sure that the worker’s financial interests are not harmed and he is looked after financially till the time he is fit again to earn his own livelihood.

Workers compensation is a Prompt Payment mechanism

A worker does not need to submit any bills or fill any forms. The Employer just has to inform his insurance company of the injury or sickness of his worker and ask them to take care of the worker under the workers’ compensation policy. The money transactions occur between the doctor/hospital/caregiver and the insurance company and the worker need not worry about the payments for his treatment. Apart from that, the worker is entitled for the funds in case he is temporarily or permanently disabled due to a workplace injury. In case all the terms and conditions laid down in the workers’ compensation statute are fulfilled the worker will receive his due from the insurance company in a stipulated time frame.

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