“If you are planning for language lab setup for school, college or any educational institution read the top points to consider”

Today, educational methodologies meet no boundaries. The teaching techniques are on regular change for its ultimate enhancement. Educational projects are now important apart from attending regular classes. This makes students aware of the values and applications of their lessons.

Today laboratory equipment manufacturers in India are few in numbers but much in demand. Along with books, students also need a boarder outlook of the subject. The subjects are now being taught on screens with helpful information from the internet. The audio and visual aids provide unlimited opportunities for detailed explanation of any subject. It create interest within students and make learning effective. The best language labs are provided with below mentioned learning equipment.

Speaker and Headset:

The lectures of the mentor are made available through speakers or headsets. This enable keen listening and minimize the errors of communication.

Microphone with Headset or Earphones:

Students are provided with microphone compatible to their headsets or earphones providing opportunities to respond or express.

Projector with Screen:

Language labs are facilitated with projector and screen to view the subject with better vision. Visuals with audios can be played for a better perspective of the subject. Students get to cover the every dimension of the subject.

Interface with learning applications:

The mentor is provided with a computer compatible with varied learning applications. These applications are helpful to conduct an effective class.

• Console unit for Students: The unit provided at a student’s desk is a helpful device to answer multiple choice question. Hand raise key enables permission to speak to the teacher.

An individual student can even increase or decrease the volume of their earphone according to their requirement.

Thus an enriched session of learning is made possible with the applications of the learning equipment.

Interactive Learning Software:

We all know that a class is a session of interaction. Therefore the software with applications in any language lab needs to be barrier-free and interactive. Apart from the teacher, even the students should have the opportunity to ask and answer. The software should give ample scope to deliver the class with utmost possibilities. The class should able to do activities like open or closed group discussions. It should be flexible for the teacher to have the sole authority to monitor the class. The software should able to generate reports to do an immediate appraisal of students.

User-friendly interface with applications: The top language laboratory equipment suppliers develop the software which is enabled with user-friendly applications. Every teacher might not be a computer savvy but be able to handle the applications with confidence. Students as well are able to handle the applications with its optimum utilization. The applications should be of essence to enhance learning methodologies.

Easy Maintenance:

Language lab setup for college or any other educational institution easy maintenance is the key requirement. The lab is handled by many and regular maintenance is a tedious task. So after installation of the system, not much maintenance should need to be taken care of. In case of any technical failure, it could be recovered by following simple specified instructions or through online support.

Low Cost:

We all believe that the end user of the language laboratory is the students. So the cost of language lab equipment should be affordable. The applications on demand should be made compatible with the system to establish the lab within a reasonable price.


The best language laboratory equipment manufacturers in India establish their laboratories which can run for hours in a day. The lab could be used to conduct multiple classes within a day. Regular usage and proper maintenance should improve the longevity of the lab.

Now you know the top points to remember before you select your ideal language laboratory.

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