UAE has become a crowded place in the recent times, and the
greatest reason behind this is the job opportunities. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and
Sharjah offer several job opportunities. This is why people from across the
world are travelling to Dubai in search of some jobs. Well, there are many
opportunities of jobs in Dubai, but some of them are highly paid compared to
others. We have done some research and figured out the top 5 highest paying jobs in Dubai. Following
are the highest paying jobs in Dubai compiled along with the estimated

Chief Marketing Officers

Marketing is one of the key departments in every organization.
The organizations usually have a high budget for marketing and they are willing
to spend maximum on their marketing programs. This is the reason why the
marketing officers are paid heavily. Specifically, in the UAE, the companies
spend heavily on their marketing operations. They pay high to the Chief
Marketing Officers. The greater budget for marketing means more salary for the

Typically, the salary of a Chief Marketing Officer is around Dh90,000 to Dh 95,000. This high salary range makes it the highest paying jobs in Dubai. This is not a surprise because you expect the marketing officers to get paid higher than any other. They have some huge responsibilities to fulfill. A demanding job rewards them in the shape of very high salary. Therefore, you can expect them to be paid high. So, if you are planning to move to Dubai for a marketing job, it is a perfect idea.

Finance, Accounting Professionals

You must be familiar with the job description and duties of
Finance and Accounting professionals. They are expert professionals who have
background in financial studies. They are expert at economic and financial
affairs of the organizations. Hence, they are highly capable individual.
Therefore, they are paid quite high in Dubai and other areas of UAE. In
addition, there is a great demand of these professionals in this region. The
companies are often short of Finance Managers to lead their accounting sector.

The average monthly salary of Finance or Accounting
Professionals in the UAE is around Dh 75,000 to Dh 90,000. This is the second highest paying job in Dubai after
Marketing officers. Finance department is a necessary component of an
organization. The companies depend upon their finance professionals for because
they are their strategic advisors regarding financial matters. Hence, the
companies pay them high for a better economic management of the company.


The average monthly salary for lawyers in the Dubai is around
Dh 70,000 to dh 85,000. Chief legal officers are prime post in Companies to
deal with their legal prerequisites to shield the business from a legal and
consistent point of view. He counsel all legal authoritative issues and legal
understandings, alongside guaranteeing that the organization is restricted from
any types of legal obligation. The position requires a law degree with the
privilege legal capability. Ordinarily at least multiyear experience is

If you are a lawyer or have studied law in your respective country,
make sure to head to Dubai as a lawyer. We promise, you would have never earned
in your respective country as a lawyer that much. Dubai offers a significant
livelihood and earning opportunity to those who have background in the legal
studies. In addition, if you are new to the profession, don’t worry. There are
still many opportunities for you to earn maximum in this amazing part of the


The average monthly salary for doctors in the Dubai is around
Dh 77,000 to Dh 80,000. There are assortment of specialists have high position
like Specialist nervous system specialists, vascular specialists,
therapists/analysts, heads of obstetrics and gynecology are requested.
Exceedingly qualified and experienced people from all around perceived colleges
and medicinal colleges of the world. he position requires broad preparing and
training. Advisor here is exceedingly esteemed and generously compensated. The
time required to wind up an advisor is least eight to ten years of preparing.


The average monthly salary for bankers in the Dubai is around
Dh 65,000 to DH 78,000. VPs for corporate banking, retail banking, branch
organize, exchange channels and resource and liabilities. The VP of the bank is
intensely engaged with critical choices, including long haul expansive
dimension credits, potential ventures. Banking occupations give high scope of
pay rates to qualified and experienced contender for the employments.

Hence, these are among our top 5 highest paying jobs in Dubai.  We assure you if you have a background in one of these professions, you would get a job in Dubai pretty easily and quickly. Also, you are promised to be paid a lot more compared to what you are getting from your current job or your current country.

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