Packing is the toughest part of the relocation. It is something everyone wants to avoid, but sadly you just cannot avoid the same. You need to look after everything very carefully as nobody wants to leave anything behind or get damaged while packing. These days a number of companies are providing professional moving and packing facilities, these companies ensure stress-free relocation ensuring minimal damage to your belongings. However, these services can prove to be a little expensive and that is why few people prefer to do it themselves.

For all such people who are planning to relocate, here are some tips to make your packing stress free. But before we move on to tips, here is the list of thing required to do packing;

• Boxes of different sizes ranging which will include small, medium, Large, heavy duty and wardrobe boxes.
• Bubble wrap
• Packing tapes
• Newspapers
• Stretch wraps
• Markers and labels

Finally, it’s time for some quick tips for packing for relocation:

• Try to start packing as early as possible. Time for packing will totally depend on the number of items, but it is recommended to start as soon as you plan to relocate. Early packing minimizes the chances of leaving anything behind. Try to pack one box a day it will help to lower down the stress and tension of packing.

• Whenever you start packing, make the list of things you need on priority. Pack those things first that comes at the last in your priority list. It will help to reduce the chaos of packing at the end moment. Keep last day for those things which you need the most for your survival.

• Relocation is the best time to declutter your house. You can always plan a garage sale for items you don’t need anymore, not only it will de-clutter your house but will also let you have some extra money.

• Try to keep the weight of boxes reasonable, as heavy boxes can put a strain on your muscles and back. The best way is to put heavy things in small boxes and lighter things in comparatively bigger boxes. Trust us it will save you from lots of pain.

• Do not leave any empty space in any of the boxes, fill the space with newspapers or old rags, it helps to minimize the chances of damage.

• Make sure to label all the boxes, for e.g. Box having kitchen items, must be labeled the same. Labeling helps while unpacking, also try to label at the side of the box rather than on the top of it. Also, mention on the box if any of the boxes contain fragile or delicate items.

• While stacking always ensure to keep heavy boxes at the bottom and light-weight boxes at the top, otherwise you will end up getting damaged items.

• Make a separate box for hazardous items, and make sure to keep it separate from all other boxes. Paints, pesticides, batteries, tubes are categorized as hazardous items.

• Make one box of super essential things which you will be needing right after relocating. Keep it at the end, so that you can easily have an access to the same. Box of food, utensils, pans, towel, toiletries, first aid box and toolkit must be included in this box.

We hope that next time when you plan to move these tips will surely help you to do your packing in a right way without any stress and anxiety.

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