The Hidden Health Hazards of Toxic Relationships


The relationships we weave with the people in our lives are an integral part of every individual. Just like how our diet and physical activities influence our physical health, these relationships get directly linked to our mental health. They help us socialize and communicate and are our way of energizing our mind and soul. As a truly health-conscious person, you should always emphasize on both physical and mental health to lead a healthy life.  But certain habits like being in a toxic relationship can only drive you far from achieving both health and wellness.

More often than expected people become part of toxic relationships unknowingly, and stay in them without realizing the toll it can take on their health. If you feel the need to fit into boundaries that make you feel trapped and unhappy, then chances are that you are in a toxic relationship. Often sexual Assault Lawyers deal with cases which are also about mental abuse in relationships that leave the victims weak and hopeless. Being involved in a toxic relationship can also be responsible for various health hazards. Here are some of the health hazards you might be exposing yourself if you are in an unhappy relationship.

1.Depression: Depression has become a common health problem among people these days. The stress of our careers, families, and various other aspects of our lives piles up over time causing our mental health to deteriorate. Experiencing painful or such stressful situations in relationships can heavily affect your mental health. People in toxic relationships often suffer silently from the problems that occur within the relationship regularly. While the patterns keep repeating, the stress of having to go through it over and again becomes overwhelming and painful mentally. It can negatively affect the mood and cause one to feel low, wounded, or even worthless.

2.Headaches and Migraines: The constant disagreement, overthinking about the arguments, stress over having to change for the other person and not feeling confident and comfortable in the relationship can cause migraines and headaches. Fighting and arguing repeatedly can be stressful for your mind. Not being able to attach yourself completely with a person you adore, and love can be painful and lead to overthinking or obsessing over small issues. Bottling up these feelings could cause severe headaches.

3.Sleepless Nights: Feeling relaxed and calm, both mentally and physically is important to glide into a sound good night sleep.  But with thoughts about the relationship constantly bothering, enjoying a peaceful sleep becomes a distant dream. The hurt from the conflicts and differences start to wander in your head, and often people end up losing sleep due to this reason. Overwhelming sadness and the intensity of the mental wounds from the relationship could push people into bad sleeping habits. Such habits will cause exhaustion, stress, and unhealthy sleeping habits, such as snoring.

4.Excessive weight loss or Overeating:  Having a difficult relationship with a loved one can affect your diet. Often, people in unhappy relationships start to lose weight. The constant stress from the relationship causes them to lose interest and appetite, which will affect their overall health. They lose consciousness of what and how often they eat.  Overeating is also a problem in some people who tend to compensate for the stress of the situation by consuming excess sugars or junk foods. Feeling weak and insecure in a bitter relationship causes individuals to lose focus on important components like personal health.

5.Heart problems:  We often hear the term “heartache” during breakups and problems in relationships. Not just a feeling of heartache, but a toxic relationship can actually negatively affect our heart. A research conducted indicated that women who were in stressful and highly conflicting environments tend to have high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These are signs of deteriorating heart health. The pain of steering through a difficult relationship can be heavy on a person’s heart, and it could often lead them to feel lonely, hollow, and insignificant.

6.Could lead to low self-esteem and self-confidence: Our idea about self is greatly affected by our relationships. When in a happy relationship we embrace the various characteristics that make us unique, and this helps us develop a healthy image about ourselves. But when in a bad relationship, you start excluding yourself from social spaces that require interaction. These relationships poison your concept of self and keep you constantly directed into self-criticism and hate. You start feeling mentally weak and dependent and addicted to exposing yourself to such bad situations over and again when you go through this for a very long time.

7. Weaken the immune system: People often tend to argue and fight a lot when they are in unhappy relationships. Going through the fight or flight impulse every day causes a rush of adrenaline too often. Having such fluctuating adrenaline levels very often could weaken the immune system and cause damage to internal organs. Such rapid changes in adrenaline levels could also affect the hormone levels in our body, thus causing imbalance.

In the marathon of life, toxic relationships begin draining out our energy. Every effort you put forward is either neglected or unappreciated that leaves you disappointed and upset. Having no room to reflect on yourself and your thoughts can make you feel boxed and trapped. Such characteristics start to reflect on other relationships in your life such as with your family and friends. It could make you feel the need to seclude yourself from social interactions and spread negativity. In reality, there is no way to define a perfect relationship. Conflicts, a difference of opinions and arguments are common problems people face while in a relationship. But the reason behind these issues and the intensity of problems between the two will define whether or not you are in a healthy relationship. When the differences and problems start to consume your happiness and make you feel physically and emotionally drained, it is time to step out and move on.

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