In the current storage systems, two general types of shelves are used: those of pallets, which, as the name implies, are designed to store the goods placed on pallets, also known as pallets; and cantilever racks, which are designed to store mainly any item that cannot be stored in the pallets, either by its dimensions, volume or shape.

The latter is usually used by companies that require storing very heavy items or that are very long, such as pipes, wood, steel profiles, among many others, as well as final items that can be large volume or shape. Irregular, such as furniture, aircraft engines, car parts, among others.

Although the differences between these two types of shelves may seem obvious to people who have or manage a warehouse, for those who are not experts or are going to start with the design of their warehouse, they may be a bit confused, therefore, Then we are going to talk about these two types of shelves, what are their differences and what applications they have.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the name, since it is a clear indication of what they are used for if they are looking for your warehouse are large rows of shelves for pallets, since they handle small and uniform items, or that can be placed on a platform without wasting spaces, the first types of shelves are the best.

On the other hand, any company that requires the storage of heavy and long items, it is recommended to make an analysis of their storage needs to choose the type of cantilever shelving and the characteristics of these. One of the main advantages of a cantilever type shelf is that it provides great access when moving and storing articles, in addition the loading and unloading can be manual or through the use of a loading equipment, such as forklifts, forklifts elevators or cranes.

Cantilever Racking or Pallet Racking

They are designed with a beam of great caliber, in which it is welded to a base; In the beam, the arms are placed with the required separation for each type of product and the height can vary according to the needs of each company. To support an article, at least two beams are necessary that are connected to each other with bracing, but the longer the articles are, the more beams are recommended to distribute the load in a uniform way and that will not be damaged or fall.

Some people think that pallet racks can be used for long items by placing them without the use of a pallet. However, this is not recommended, as it is not very efficient since its design and form make it difficult to place items without complex maneuvers.

In the same way, shelves for pallets have standard sizes that have been regularized internationally by the size of the pallets; usually, its length is the size of two pallets, so if a longer item is stored there will be problems and the protruding parts can represent a safety risk for warehouse employees.

In addition, long items are also usually very bulky and heavy, so shelves for pallets simply cannot support the weight and will be damaged or fall, is a serious risk of safety. On the other hand, the arms of cantilever shelves are designed to carry large weights, in addition, the closer and more beams exist, the greater the weight distribution, which avoids any fall or incident.

Depending on the material with which they are made, the weight limit can vary, but on average it is about 1,600 kilograms, so, having two arms, at least, it would be about 3,200 kilograms per level, and each beam It can support a load capacity of arms of up to 27,500 kilograms, so it can load several levels of arms, so that it can carry a significantly greater amount of weight compared to pallet shelves.

Likewise, as mentioned, one of the main advantages of a cantilever shelf is the ease with which vertical items can be stored and removed, since they allow the products to be placed gently, without complex maneuvers, astride the arms, where It can be easily lifted with a forklift. In addition, the arms come flat and inclined, so if they have something that would potentially fall, the angle of inclination would prevent it.

Industrial storage racks suppliers

Now that you know the main differences between the cantilever shelves and pallet shelves, you can choose which the best for storing your business is. In the majority of the occasions, the companies choose to combine both in the warehouses, since it is common that the companies manufacture products that require a special storage.

That is why it is necessary that at the time of designing your warehouse perform a thorough analysis of your company and the products and raw materials that are going to store, so they can make a planning of the distribution of the shelves so they have access to both of them in a simple and totally safe way, since the maneuverability that the longitudinal pieces require is greater than the pallets.

To receive specialized advice you can go with the experts of Kristar, where with more than 20 years of experience and the best technicians and engineers we offer you an integral service that goes from the selection and planning of the warehouse, the sale of the shelves and the installation and maintenance of these. For more details, you have to contact Industrial storage racks suppliers.

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